Flex Mounting Arm

MSRP $39.99

A must-have accessory for the Touch2, Magic Monster, and Magic Touch models.  The Double hinged design provides unlimited viewing angles and has been engineered for stability. The hinges have locking knobs to ensure the mount is stable once set. The industrial-strength suction cup mount is super-secure and allows you to mount your screen to virtually any flat surface. Utilizing the force of atmospheric pressure to grip a surface, the suction cup produces a vacuum as they are attached to the surface.  Mount on walls, doors, windows, glass, wood, drywall, metal. It works great as an adjustable desktop mount as well.

Easy to install, simply attach the Flex Mounting Arm to the back of your Mimo USB Monitor in place of the standard desk top stand.

  • Double-hinge flex design
  • Mount on horizontal or vertical surfaces
  • Suction cup mount for easy, super-secure placement
  • Quick release base for quick and convenient change of location. They attach and release in seconds
  • For maximum holding strength, attach to a clean surface
  • The rubber pad won't mar or damage most surfaces.