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Simplify and maximize your work-from-home or hybrid work life

We shared our top five tips to simplify and maximize your work-from-home or hybrid work life. Our tips have been picked up and run all around the country by the Houston Chronicle, SF Gate, The San Francisco Chronicle, SeattlePI, The Buffalo News, The Connecticut Post and more. Check out this infographic which helps break down how you can best optimize your work life for today's environment.

More on Unify Meeting

Our friends over at Twit are loving our new software, Unify Meeting and are finding it's super helpful to integrate Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams into one universal user interface.
Find out why Unify Meeting helps host Leo Laporte not accidentally hang up on his conference calls here: 
Mikah Sargent of Tech News Weekly talks about how Unify can vastly improve the work lives of those working hybrid or remotely by simplifying their day. Watch more here: 

Mimo on Windows Weekly

This week we launched Unify Meeting, our intuitive software solution to simplify your work life by combining your favorite video conferencing applications into one easy-to-navigate user interface. Paul Thurrott, the host of TWiT's Windows Weekly Podcast, talks about Unify and the benefits on the latest podcast episode. Check out what he had to say and why he believes it's so useful for folks who are working both in the office or from afar