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Featured Cool Technology: PRSONAS Smart Virtual Presenter


This week’s Cool Technology award goes to PRSONAS. These guys are bringing life-like holograms out of sci-fi movies and into your nearest shopping malls and airports, and we think that’s pretty cool.  

PRSONAS Smart Virtual presenters combine the use of artificial intelligence along with hologram technology to interact with consumers on many different levels. Holograms are three dimensional images which have been projected and captured on a two dimensional surface. Some may recall a very recent use of a hologram in the form of the late singer Michael Jackson performing at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, which gave the very real appearance that he was actually alive and on stage. By incorporating this technology into their Smart Virtual presenters, PRSONAS can use it to deliver market messages, conduct commerce, and provide customer support.

This highly innovative presenter technology allows businesses to literally "create" a spokesperson with automated personality that can speak with customers in any language they choose. This holographic persona uses the latest artificial intelligence and visual technologies to create a hologram with personality that is intelligent enough to actually interact with people. The artificial intelligence also gathers information about customers that provides businesses with valuable analytics that they can use to serve their customers better. If the customer needs any additional help, the "spokesperson" has the capability to bring in a support technician via live video chat.

The PRSONAS Smart Virtual presenter should not be seen as just a talking video, these holographic presenters are capable of interacting with people like real live human beings. You might find these virtual presenters in the form of a greeter at an airport, or even as a large teddy bear created to entertain sick children. They interact with consumers through an easy-to-use touch screen monitor. The holographic presenter senses motion and knows when to respond to interact with customers.


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