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Ocular LCD

Ocular LCD Displays is the latest LCD supplier to have moved towards chapter 7. It looks like they ceased delivering displays in mid-November of 2014. Consequently, we have been contacted by people asking us for replacement displays once supplied by Ocular USA Displays.

Mimo Monitors has been in the LCD touch display business since 2008, in that time we have focused on small display and touch screens.

We not only sell replacement displays, but offer US-based technical support to provide quick responses and US-based inventory. In many cases we can ship you samples the same day you call.

This is not only true for discontinued Ocular LCD Displays, but for LCD suppliers that may be still in business, but have discontinued a specific product line.

Replacement displays for Ocular LCD Displays

Whether the LCD has been discontinued by Ocular LCDs, or any other LCD supplier, Mimo Monitors has been carrying inventory and offering reverse engineering support to help customers quickly locate inventory for their display.

Our technical support people may be able to offer an off-the-shelf standard display with a short lead-time or even zero lead-time. If your Ocular display was custom, we are able to design and build a solution from your data sheets or from an actual display module.

Zero or short lead time

Mimo Monitors holds inventory in our Princeton, NJ warehouse and can offer many similar displays from stock. If it is necessary for Mimo to build a prototype sample, all the LCD glass is shipped via fed ex air, so lead times for large orders are a few weeks and not a few months.


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