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Desktop Monitor Vs. Industrial Open Frame Monitor


Trying to determine which monitor best serves your interest isn’t always easy. Standard consumer desktops work for most home and office environments. Most desktop monitor displays come with a stand and VESA rear mount, should there be a need to display the monitor on the wall.


Yet sometimes everyday life calls for situations requiring a display that’s more than a desktop monitor. Some argue that taking a desktop monitor apart is the best solution, but this almost always isn’t so. The internal chassis frequently varies with desktop monitors, which can cause designing problems for integrators and designers attempting to create an enclosure. Many designers for OEM applications prefer units that remain uniform and consistent, resulting in minimal concerns should there be a failed display or LCD panel revision change.


The main differences between a desktop monitor and an industrial open frame monitor is the desktop monitor already comes with a housing and bezel.       An industrial open frame monitor, in contrast, is the “bare bones” display sans housing or bezel, and is meant for integration into kiosks, equipment, or other enclosure.  Desktop monitors are useful in applications needing a simple display. They are not limited to home or office applications. Desktop monitors may also be used in locations or applications requiring a monitor with a housing or predefined bezel for simple displays. For example, retail locations occasionally use a desktop display as a cash register screen, or to promote new products.


Industrial applications, Kiosks, flush mount displays, control panels, and instrumentation control panels are excellent examples of an industrial open frame monitor being necessary for integration. Each type of monitor has its uses and benefits depending on the application. A good example are Mimo's industrial open frame monitors, which are often used for design integration. While these monitors are applicable to almost any type of application, they are best utilized in applications where an open frame monitor is designed embedded applications.


Desktop versus industrial….decide which is best depending on your needs.


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