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Multi-Screen Workstations are the New Gold Standard for Productivity

Multi-Screen Workstations are the New Gold Standard for Productivity


More and more companies are understanding and harnessing the power of using multiple monitors on an employee’s desk. Be it a laptop, desktop, Chromebook, zero or thin client, taking advantage of multiple screens in a workplace has the power to amplify both productivity and workflow. In this blog post, we’ll examine a bit more of why multiple monitors improve productivity.

 Nearly every study found that multiple screens are “significantly more useful” and “preferred on every measure of usability,” over their solo screen counterparts.[1] From line text editing to error reduction to maintaining focus, the task didn’t matter—all were accomplished 16% faster and with 33% fewer errors.[2] In fact, studies found that if employees utilize two monitors for all their tasks in a day, they can save nearly 2.5 hours in clicking and navigation times.[3] Even employees on-the-go can create multi-screen offices in their vehicles to save time and increase their productivity. Across a company, that’s hundreds of hours a week. But where does all this efficiency come from?

 Having a second or even third monitor makes it far easier to use more than one program at the same time, and reduces the time switching between screens or getting lost in a maze of open tabs. Less time spent searching through windows means fewer clicks. When emails are piling up and every second counts, cutting out clicks can be a massive time-saver. Further increasing time savings across a company, a slight delay in one essential response can magnify with others waiting in the chain delay their own tasks creating a domino effect of poor efficiency

In addition, these multi-monitor computer workstations aren’t limited to those stuck in the office but can be combined with tablets and laptops for employees who are out of the office. Having a tablet or laptop dock in an office workstation that can easily be taken to a conference or client meeting reduces transfer times and gives mobile employees more power than ever.[4]

 In order to gain these massive savings in time and leaps in productivity—a 20-30% increase in productivity was reported in one study alone—businesses must equip their employees with the right tools for the job.[5] We believe we offer an ideal solution for a corporate office looking to harness the efficiency of using multiple monitors. Our 10” touchscreens, often a third monitor in office settings, offer more screen real estate while taking up minimal desk space. Simple in design and powered by a touchscreen, employees can park key programs like chat windows, password managers/keychains, or a pricing list on their Mimo side-screen, keeping essential information visible without searching their desktop. Another efficient example is our portable 7” slider design which allows users to take their office on the road to a client meeting, and back again without losing a second of workflow.

 It’s become clear to us at Mimo Monitors that multi-monitor setups are no longer the exception, but should be new standard. We believe that expanding using multi-monitor computer workstations is the key to maximizing productivity at the office and while working on-the-go. We design our screens and displays with an office’s needs in mind, from cost, to function, to interactivity. We’re confident there’s a solution available to streamline your company’s workstations.


Visit our page to learn more about how to make your desktop more efficient: What You Can Do with A Mimo Monitor.

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