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Mimo in Use: Deepsea Challenger

Mimo in Use: Deepsea Challenger

Mimo in Use: Deepsea Challenger

For Mimo Monitors, no depth is too far to traverse. So it’s no wonder that famed international director James Cameron took Mimo Monitors along with him during one the most important and dangerous adventures in the history of deep sea exploration.

James Cameron is a world-renowned Canadian film director. He has directed such films as The Terminator, Alien and the highest grossing movie of all-time, Avatar. Cameron is someone who has been an avid pioneer of the future both on and off the screen, with keen interests including engineering, technology, and exploration.

The Mission

During the process of filming his Academy Award-winning film Titanic, Cameron utilized advanced underwater technology to explore the remains of the ship beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Combined with his interests in engineering and exploration, it’s no surprise that he had developed a dream to reach the very depths of the Mariana Trench by way of the Deepsea Challenger. Located in the western Pacific, Mariana Trench reaches a depth of 6.831 miles at its deepest point (the Challenger Deep).

This challenge was so profound that one of the leading names in world exploration, National Geographic, was there to capture the development and excitement during each step of the way.

The Vessel

The Deepsea Challenger is a 24 ft. deep-diving submersible built by Australian R&D company Acheron Project, funded by the National Geographic Society, and piloted by James Cameron.

From its vertical ability, to the innovative materials used, including a highly sophisticated foam that was developed to help it withstand the pressure at the bottom of the ocean, the Deep Sea Challenger was truly one-of-a-kind in innovative engineering and technology.

Launched from the Mermaid Sapphire in 2012, the Deepsea Challenger relied on the technology of Mimo Monitor touch screens to inspect the 180 different systems – from battery packs to sonar – that were on board this vessel.

The Technology

Mimo Monitors utilizes DisplayLink™ technology that provides video, touch and power over a single USB connection. They are ultra-portable, weighing less than one pound. The goal with Mimo is always to provide customers with the best possible quality for small footprint displays, touchscreens, and tablets. So from video-conferencing, to POS systems, to gaming and of course, deep sea exploration – Mimo touch screens support the mission every step of the way.

The Accomplishment

On March 26, 2012, James Cameron, with the assistance of his expedition team, reached the deepest known part of the Pacific Ocean. He is the first person to accomplish this solo descent successfully. So if James Cameron placed the welfare of his life in the monitoring technology of Mimo Monitors, imagine what you can do with them. We aim to provide our customers with a technical partnership to develop customized solutions with leading edge technologies. So whether it’s deep sea diving or retail and entertainment, Mimo Monitors has got you covered.


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