Small Touchscreens.Flexible Innovation. Human Connection.

Mimo Monitors, established in 2008, is a global expert and industry leader in small touchscreen monitors, displays, and tablets. Designed with a solutions-first approach, we believe in creating small footprint and high value displays that drive innovation and provide a seamless experience for digital signage, conference rooms, kiosks, point of purchase, point of sale, hospitality, retail, and more.

Centered in providing touchscreens with human touch, we put customer service first, offering personalized, direct communication and detail-oriented service to ensure client satisfaction.  Focused on flexible and customizable solutions that are designed to fit the need, our touchscreens are intuitive to use, easy to deploy, and sleek in design, all while enhancing productivity and user experience.

Our world-class team has deployed Mimo Monitors solutions in locations throughout the world for Fortune 500 and leading brands such as Google, Logitech, Verifone, Hertz, John Deere, Four Winds Interactive and more. Our proprietary, cutting-edge small touchscreen solutions in tandem with our flexibility and superior customer service is what makes us the most trusted touchscreen monitor provider around the world.



We believe that a company is only as good as its customer service, and that’s why at Mimo Monitors, one of our key differentiators is providing superior customer satisfaction that is second to none. While we take pride in supplying some of the biggest tech giants with industry-leading touchscreen solutions, we understand that offering amazing customer service is one of the things that truly sets us apart. When you call or email Mimo Monitors, you’re directly connecting with us. We have representatives based in US offices ready to offer rapid response, and we are on the ground answering phone calls, emails and directly replying to concerns within 24-48 hours of receiving an inquiry.

We at Mimo Monitors pride ourselves in our ability to work together with our customers. Whether large or small, we can give you the attention you deserve and provide customized touch solutions to meet your company’s needs. We realize how quickly technologies can change and know the importance of staying at the forefront. Mimo Monitors has the flexibility and technical know-how to make it happen.

While technology changes, our goals don’t.