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We’ve leveraged our solutions-focused, customer-first approach to become a global expert and industry leader in small touchscreen monitors, displays and tablets. Over the past few years we’ve experienced rapid growth and we knew it was time to start paying it forward. That’s why we were excited to partner with TechSoup, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that supports nonprofit organizations around the world with mission-critical resources, knowledge, and connections that help these organizations implement and manage their technology. We believe in their mission and their power to reach thousands of non-profit organizations who can benefit from Mimo Monitors technology.

The Products

<p>We’re thrilled to be able to empower these changemakers by providing them with small touchscreens and displays they previously would not have had access to. We’re offering eligible non-profits some of our top products:Mimo Vue HD 10.1" Capacitive Touch Displays,7" Capacitive Touch Displays, andAdapt-IQ 10.1 Digital Signage Tablets. Specifically designed for commercial utilization and purposely engineered to withstand harsh 24/7 use, these flexible, durable, high quality products can be utilized for interactive or static digital signage, kiosks, conference rooms, and more.</p>

Are You A Non Profit In Need of Small Touchscreens?

You can find our product page and request products your non-profit organization needs here, if you’re part of the TechSoup network.