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Google Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit Unboxing

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit Unboxing

See How the Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display Is Making Meetings More Collaborative

Google's Meet video meetings provide a medium for customers and peers across the world to collaborate. To make facilitating these meetings simple and easy, Google created the Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit. This kit is packed with everything you need to have the best meeting experience, including a Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture, a 4K camera, a speaker mic designed by Google, and a Chromebox. This curated plug-and-play kit delivers all that’s needed to maximize the Hangouts Meet experience.

The Mimo touchscreen acts as the kit’s controller and meeting control base. The set-up requires connecting the cables to their color-matched insertion which snap in place and are detach-resistant. Then, set the screen in its base, attach the back panels, and it’s ready to go! The 10.1” screen allows collaborators to join a meeting with one quick tap and can be used to make adjustments to the camera and sound. With just a touch, users can control the entire system.

These new kits are revolutionizing virtual meeting solutions, making sure the technology performs easily and when it’s supposed to. See how it all works together in this new “un-boxing” video.



Nov 14, 2019 • Posted by Mimo Monitors

Yes. We have this that is specifically designed to wall mount the Mimo Vue.


Nov 14, 2019 • Posted by Pat McCarty

Is there a bracket available to mount a Mimo Vue Capture Touch Display (For Hangouts Meet Kit) to the wall versus the stand that comes with it for placing it on a table

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