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Mimo Monitors and Iluminari Tech Collaborate to Add a Simple and Complete Touchscreen Solution for Conference Room Control

Mimo Monitors and Iluminari Tech Collaborate to Add a Simple and Complete Touchscreen Solution for Conference Room Control

 Quicklaunch with Mimo Vue HDToday Mimo Monitors and Iluminari Inc. announce that Mimo has joined the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program (QSPP). Announced in August, the QSPP provides a unique framework for delivering multiplatform collaboration experiences across customer environments. Through the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program, Mimo Monitors augments the Quicklaunch experience to provide tabletop touch screen functionality. The enterprise-quality display mitigates complexity and is an affordable, intuitive human interface for any meeting room.


 The 10.1” Mimo Vue HD USB monitor features a modern zero bezel design, user friendly projected capacitive touch, and a nearly 180 degree viewing angle from its bright, high contrast LCD. With an innovative USB video solution, one USB cable provides video, touch, and power to the display for a simple, clean installation. The Mimo Vue HD, with its nearly 3 lb (1.3 kg) base is a responsive, stable touch interface for the Quicklaunch™ software interface for optimal room control.


 Quicklaunch™, is a fully configurable, multi-platform application with a simple user interface that brings appliance-like ease of use to the meeting room with the flexibility and familiarity of collaboration applications. Quicklaunch™ helps ensure a consistent experience across the full enterprise, minimizing the need for user training and IT support.


 “Because of the design and size of the Mimo Vue HD, many of our touchscreens are used as dedicated controllers in meeting rooms, but it’s hard for our customers to know what is compatible,” said Chuck Frame, Vice President, Global Sales for Mimo. “Quicklaunch™ has taken the guesswork out of the software allowing for easy system integration. It is these hardware and software collaborations that are perfect for the IT and AV industry.”


 “We are delighted to be working with Mimo to solve challenges our customers face when they install video conferencing systems,” said Angela Hlavka, CEO at Iluminari Inc. “Our collaboration ensures our customers get a tested and intuitive touch interface for their meeting rooms. With only one USB cable on the Mimo Vue HD it is easy to integrate with our software and adding touch saves our customers time in each and every meeting.”



The Mimo Vue HD – USB (UM-1080C or UM-1080C-G) is currently available in most countries worldwide. For more information, please contact us at info@mimomonitors.com, view our website at www.mimomonitors.com, call the Mimo Monitors sales department at 1-855-937-6466, or contact your local distributor or reseller.

 Quicklaunch is available in two versions and in multiple languages. For more information, please contact us at qlsales@ucworkspace.com, view the website at  www.ucworkspace.com, call the Quicklaunch sales line at 1 (844) 815-9960, or contact your local distributor or reseller. For more information about the Quicklaunch Solution Partner Program, visit www.ucworkspace.com/qspp and the Quicklaunch blog.


 About Mimo Monitors

Mimo Monitors is the industry leader in small touch monitors, displays, and tablets. The Mimo Monitors portfolio is built on proprietary IP developed by our engineering team and partners. Our world class team has deployed the Mimo solution in tens of thousands of locations throughout the world. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, both in the US as well internationally. Mimo's touch solution is industry leading in its technology, small footprint, and price point. The company's touch capabilities drive innovation in systems design of point of sale (POS), digital signage, and videoconferencing solutions.


About Iluminari Inc

Iluminari specializes in delivering next-generation multi-platform communication and collaboration applications and solutions. Iluminari provides the applications, expertise, best practices and training to partners and customers to successfully implement collaboration solutions utilizing Quicklaunch. For more information, visit ucworkspace.com


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