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Mimo Monitors Statement on Proposed Tariffs

We know there’s been a lot of recent speculation about cost increases due to the current and potential Chinese import tariffs. We also know that it’s impacted some of our competitors and that they’ve raised prices as a result. We wanted to send you a letter letting you know where we stand: we will not be raising prices due to the current or recently proposed Chinese tariffs. You can expect the same premium quality, at the same price without any disruption of service.

The majority of our products are manufactured in Korea. This allows us to avoid much of the impact that the tariffs impose. However, a small percentage of our products are manufactured in China. Because customer service is our number one priority, we’ve decided to maintain prices in spite of the tariff’s cost increase.

While we know the tariff announcement has been in flux, things at Mimo Monitors will remain stable. You can rest assured that you can expect our business to be run as usual while we continue to put you, our valued customer, first. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Mimo Monitors sales associate, or Info@mimomonitors.com, with any questions.


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