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Custom Solutions

We recognize that no two customers are the same. However, in our vast experience across industries we’ve had a few customers who’ve taken a customized and personalized approach to new heights.

We pride ourselves in putting customer service at the forefront of our work. To us, that means that we work directly with you to review your needs and provide an interactive digital display system that offers you a solution. With our robust line of interactive digital screens, chances are we likely make just what you need. However, if not, we’ll work with you to create a customized product that accomplishes your goal, whether it be a small modification, or full custom design.

Deepsea Challenger / James Cameron

No depth is too far to traverse for us to travel to find the perfect solution. So, it’s no wonder that famed international director James Cameron took us along with him during one the most important and dangerous adventures in the history of deep sea exploration. The Deepsea Challenger is a 24 ft. deep-diving submersible built by Australian R&D company Acheron Project, funded by the National Geographic Society, and piloted by James Cameron. From its vertical ability, to the innovative materials used, including a highly sophisticated foam that was developed to help it withstand the pressure at the bottom of the ocean, the Deep Sea Challenger was truly one-of-a-kind in innovative engineering and technology. Launched from the Mermaid Sapphire in 2012, the Deepsea Challenger relied on the technology of our Mimo Touch 2 7” USB touchscreen to inspect the 180 different systems – from battery packs to sonar – that were on board this vessel. During those initial missions, the Deepsea Challenger reached a depth of 35,787 ft or 6.8 miles under the water.

Nanoracks / ISS

The Nanoracks Plate Reader is a one of the most reliable, durable, feature-rich microplate readers on the market, and it uses our 7” touchscreen as the user interface. While we may not understand the microgravity experiments this equipment is analyzing, we do know that microgravity is only found in space, and you’ll find our Mimo Monitor on the International Space Station. Nothing is harder or more expensive to service than equipment in space, so it’s crucial that the most reliable solution be used and we’re proud to say that we were chosen by Nanoracks for this critical function.

Pindrop Jukebox

We were happy to partake in getting the party started…anywhere! Our 7” open frame touchscreen was utilized as a portable jukebox in a shopping cart that created an on-the-spot dance party wherever it traveled. Fun, spontaneous, and unexpected, our monitor served as the interface to the jukebox, ensuring the music never stopped.

Our Solutions:

With an orbital distance of 254 miles, no other touchscreen vendor has a touchscreen in space and at the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. We believe we can claim to be the touchscreen with the highest and lowest elevations in the world.

We offer innovative, reliable, and customized solutions no mater how unique your need. From space to the bottom of the ocean, we’ll work with you to find a flexible, customizable solution that helps you reach your goals.