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An Insider’s Look at a Day in the Life of Mimo Monitors’ CMO Mike Campagna

An Insider’s Look at a Day in the Life of Mimo Monitors’ CMO Mike Campagna

Every day we’re focused on simplifying life and maximizing potential by providing touchscreens with a human touch. We place a huge emphasis on our customer service, providing personalized, direct communication and detail-oriented service to deploy sleek, flexible and customizable touchscreens designed with a solutions-first approach.

As the world gets increasingly more interactive, it’s crucial that our marketing communications gets equally customer-focused and engaging. Our CMO plays an integral role in ensuring that our team is on top of industry trends and that our partnerships are strong. Take a look at a day in the life of our industry veteran CMO, Mike Campagna, who offers great insight about what it means to be a CMO in today’s modern world.


7:30-8:00 AM: I work from my home, so my commute is only a 15-second walk to my office. I strive to schedule all meetings after 9:00 AM, allowing me the time to complete any open tasks from the day before and catch up on emails received the previous evening. Further, my inbox is typically filled with numerous emails from previous days of LinkedIn outreach to potential customers and partners—these may have to be addressed later in the day.

9:00 AM: First on the docket are conversations with our factory to discuss new products that are in development, answer any design questions, and then provide direction. To catch them before they head to bed half a world away, I also communicate with our overseas manufacturing teams first thing in the morning. With several new product lines in development, my direction is crucial to on-time completion; so, I answer any questions they may have, ensuring they have a clear plan for their next day on the job.

10:00 AM: With several new product lines being introduced at DSE this year, product development is intense right now, so the next hour is spent in preparation for these launches. For strategic purposes, mum is the word on these products for now.

11:00 AM: Scheduled for the same time every day is my meeting with Mimo’s VP of Sales. We discuss new product ideas, new product development status and launches, upcoming trade shows and any other sales related topics.

11:30 AM: This is the perfect time for a video conference call with our sales team members and any new potential customers identified from either my previous LinkedIn outreach efforts, a tradeshow or from other marketing efforts.

12:00 PM: A break for lunch typically entails a quick bite at my home office desk while I peruse my email again. Typically, emails range from anything from our sales crew looking for collateral material for a customer, to a requirement for a new user manual that needs to be created, then added to the website so all customers can easily access the information.   

12:30 PM: Around this time, a quick chat with the distribution team is usually necessary to discuss any open issues with our distribution partners.  Today’s topic, for instance, covered bundling a partner’s software with our recently launched Mimo Vue 10” Display with BrightSign Built-In.  We are working through the logistical issues surrounding bundling software with hardware and selling through the channel.

1:00 PM: A daily meeting with our CEO to discuss any ongoing marketing projects, product launches and updates on new products in development helps to keep us both on the same page.  

2:00 PM: Today, we have a meeting scheduled with the President of Tanvas, our haptics partner, to discuss trade show plans and our strategies for the product launch we have slated just a few months out.

3:00 PM:  Again, it’s time to play catch up on emails and review outreach emails from LinkedIn. I also set up introductory calls with potential customers or partners for the next few days or the following week.

4:00 PM: Now it’s time to place a call to our Website design company to discuss new page designs. We are always working to improve our website, which for most businesses, is the face of the company and first line of offense for customers. 

5:30 PM: I usually shut down my computer about this time and head into the kitchen to see what’s cooking. However, I’m never off the clock—I will continue to check emails on my phone in case anything urgent comes in from the west coast or overseas.

EVENING: While I diligently peruse my emails throughout the night, my family time is equally important, so I spend as much quality time with them that each evening allows.

Throughout his busy day, Mike looks to identify and maximize new opportunities, markets and products, ensuring that our products provide the cutting-edge technology our customers have grown to expect.

To learn more, visit mimomonitors.com/pages/who-we-are, and check back for a day in the life of more of our team coming soon.


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