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Full Custom LCD Display Solutions

We customize all the time. Let us examine the possibility of developing a full custom display solution for you. 


Let us explore the process. First step to build your custom LCD display

The first step is for you to contact Mimo Monitors at 855-937-6466 or email (info@mimomonitors.com) and discuss the application and a concept of the desired solution. If you do not have a current data sheet or can’t describe your desired solution, it may make sense for us to reverse engineer a display that is close to your needs. If you are not able to supply a data sheet or part number, then the next option is to reverse engineer a display. This is where you would send us two displays (these can be non-working) units that we can take apart and create a schematic and electrical characteristics

The displays need to be in decent condition. Note: We are not able to return the units.


Custom display engineering

We have a team of engineers that can help with your engineering. You need only to describe your requirements, and we can turn that into both an electrical and mechanical design.


Driver information

The majority of LCD technologies require an onboard controller driver to be attached to the display. This converts the (typically) LVDS signals of the LCD to higher level signals such as DisplayLink, HDMI, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort or many other solutions.

Most custom displays by Mimo will be single cable DisplayLink where we send video data, touch data, and power over a single USB connection.

Alternatively, we can supply a 2 or 3 cable solution

2 cable solutions:

USB for Power and touch, DVI / HDMI / VGA / DisplayPort, etc for video

For solutions without touch: barrel connector for power (12V typical), DVI / HDMI / VGA / DisplayPort, etc for video

3 cable solutions:

USB for touch, barrel connector for power (12V typical), DVI / HDMI / VGA / DisplayPort, etc for video


Custom display tooling cost

There have been many times when a customer required a custom display and we felt that this would be a popular display for us to hold in our inventory and sell to our other customers. In this case, we would generally request only an initial order and a down payment as a commitment to the design, and no NRE or tooling charges would be required. This is a case by case situation and can be discussed with the Mimo Technical support person.

If the display is a true custom, and not likely to be used for other customers, a tooling fee may be necessary. The tooling fee, also called a NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering), is one-time cost that can run anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 dollars.


Who owns the custom LCD Design?

If you pay the tooling fee, then you own the design. We will only sell this display to you or to who you authorize. If another customer contacts us for the same display, we would forward that customer to you or Mimo will contact you and notify you there is a customer looking for your custom display. In some cases, a second customer will offer to repay half of the tooling cost to the first customer for the rights to purchase the display from Mimo.

In any case, once you purchase the tooling, the design is yours.



Each custom design requires a different MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities). If the MOQ is too high for your current demand, we can put you in touch with a distributor who can hold that inventory for you and allow you to take delivery over several drops.

This is a good option for companies that need to conserve their cash flow.

Note: We are unable to supply quantities of less than one hundred custom displays, and most MOQs are in the 600-1000 piece range.


Samples of the replacement display

Will I be able to order samples to test before I commence a large production order? The answer is yes, as part of the commitment of down payment or NRE, we can deliver SLAs or urethane molded copies, depending on the desired quantities.

Need a custom solution?  Call us today at 855-937-6466 or info@mimomonitors.com


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