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Cool Technology: 2016 In Tech

Cool Technology: 2016 In Tech


Technology revolutionizes how we communicate and see the world around us. With a new year means new and exciting technology that looks to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Whether it helps to change how we perceive our reality or provides straightforward services in a better and more streamlined manner, new tech is amazing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four types of cool tech that are bound to take off in 2016.


The Continuing Expansion Of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality in games has been around for decades. Despite that, the category of virtual reality has fallen out of popular favor. Even in other media forms like films, virtual reality tends to wax and wane in use. However, with many recent developments this year in virtual reality, as well as the ever-popular HoloLens and Oculus Rift, virtual reality is getting closer and closer to finally being a mainstay for video games. In addition to the utility feature growing, the overall price of these headsets is going down as the technology behind them becomes less and less expensive. So, with 2016 to consider, keep an eye out for virtual reality.


Other Options To Credit Scoring


Credit scoring is an imperfect system that leaves many with the inability to take out loans when they would otherwise be good candidates. Finding better ways to judge a person’s credit responsibility are leading to a range of nation specific as well as international organizations. With alternatives for banks and other money lenders available, their straight-forwardness and ease of use are leading them to grow in popularity with every passing year. Already a big deal in other countries, it may not be long before you see them popping up here in the United States.  


Friend Service


Airbnb and Uber have both found ways to privatize services that would never have been considered private before. So, what about a friendship service? Growing in popularity is Taobao, a service that already exists to rent a boyfriend when going home for the holidays and seeing your family in China. The truth is that as the world becomes more connected, individuals are looking for that human contact and intimacy that is often elusive. No matter how much we try to ignore it, our basic needs require human interaction. So, as more and more services become privatized, it may not be long before you find a friend to spend the day with over Amazon.


Mimo in 2016


As for what Mimo Monitors has in store for 2016…stay tuned and find out!


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