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Mimo in Use: Hertz USB Touch Monitor Deployment

Mimo in Use: Hertz USB Touch Monitor Deployment

Mimo in Use: Hertz USB Touch Monitor Deployment

Have you rented a car from Hertz lately? If so, then you’ve probably seen Mimo Monitors’ Magic Touch monitor at work on their countertop. These Mimo monitors display the available car models along with applicable upgrades and other customer options. Mimo and Hertz have partnered to deploy beautiful USB touch monitor point-of-sale devices around the globe in order to improve the car rental experience. Read on to learn more about Mimo in use at Hertz Rental Locations, and a little bit about both companies.


Hertz Car Rentals is an airport general use car rental brand. They own approximately 1,400 franchises and corporate locations in over 83 countries around the world. Hertz also runs over 340 construction equipment rental branches. Hertz was named the best car rental company at the prestigious Business Travel Awards ceremony of 2015. They won this award because of the company’s ongoing ability to stay in touch with the car rental market and adapt to what its customers really want and need. Hertz also has an impeccable customer service record.

Mimo Monitors

Mimo is the industry leader in commercial USB touch monitors and displays. Our portfolio is built upon top of the line products develop by our team of engineers and partners. We have successfully deployed display solutions for companies around the world, including some of the biggest names out there like Google, Hershey’s, John Deere, and Royal Caribbean. Our USB monitors’ touch-screen capabilities help drive innovation in system designs for videoconferencing, digital signage, and point of sale.

Improved Service

Initial results have shown that the Mimo-Hertz partnership has resulted in much-improved customer service for Hertz Customers. They are able to use the USB touch screen interface in order to select car model upgrades such as GPS navigation, emergency roadside assistance, and prepaid fuel options. Imagine you are at the airport on a business trip and you need a last minute car rental. Using the Mimo touch-screen will allow you to scroll through all of the car and customization options in only a few minutes. You will be able to pick your car and drive to your hotel in no time!

Simple Developer Integration 

Mimo Monitors' user-friendly plug-and-play touch monitors allowed for easy integration into the Hertz rental car network. This simple integration allowed Hertz to completely customize their touch interface based on their needs, and gave them as much flexibility as they needed in order to give the best customer experience possible.


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