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Key Questions to Ask Before You Purchase a Commercial Touchscreen Monitor

Key Questions to Ask Before You Purchase a Commercial Touchscreen Monitor

A commercial touchscreen monitor can be a valuable tool for your business. With so many versatile applications, touchscreens can add value, simplify processes, improve communication and more. For commercial settings, it’s important to seek out monitors designed for durability and high-performance without sacrificing style or efficiency. Before selecting the best touchscreen for you and your business, it’s essential to ask yourself these nine questions:

  1. How will you use it? The application and how accessible it needs to be are important considerations to ensure you select the right touchscreen for your needs.
  2. How often will you use it? If the device needs to run 24/7 versus only being used sporadically will lead you to different results, and will require you to choose a commercial touchscreen vs. something else.
  3. Will it require a custom size or functionality? Again, consider its usage and what the main goal of the content is to determine if it requires customization.
  4. How will you install and implement it? Installation and implementation focus on where it will go and how people should use it. If you are limited by space, then that’s best to know beforehand.
  5. How will content be played on the screen? (media players, PCs, digital signage content platforms) Your choice for a content platform will often drive you to a particular type of touchscreen.
  6. Is the connection to the content cloud-based or on-pram? Connectivity varies for touchscreens, so be sure your selection is compatible.
  7. Does it need to be interactive? If so, then you’ll want to choose screens built to do this.
  8. Will its location make it vulnerable to damage or abuse? If it’s in a high traffic area, then it needs to be more robust to avoid having to replace it in the future.
  9. From what distance will the content be seen? This will help you determine size because what will be viewed 10 feet away won’t be the same kind of screen that’s used up close.

Because there is a large selection of touchscreen monitors, it can be difficult to compare models and narrow down your options. If you aren’t sure where to start, tap the experts over here at Mimo Monitors. We offer a large selection of touchscreens from the best manufacturers. Browse our selection today.


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