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Not All Tablets are Equal, Find the Best Tablet for Your Point of Sale Needs

Not All Tablets are Equal, Find the Best Tablet for Your Point of Sale Needs

 In retail businesses, counterspace is at a high premium as strategic point of sale (POS) designed with convenient technologies can work to drive and enhance impulse purchases and boost profits. Tablets, as a mobile POS system, have proven to make transactions swift and efficient while also freeing up essential counterspace needed for these impulse buys.

 Although more businesses recognize that utilizing touchscreens can positively impact their business, they may not grasp the importance of turning to commercial-grade touchscreens instead of those designed for the consumer.  Below, we’ll discuss the advantages that commercial-grade touchscreens provide for businesses when used in a POS capacity.

 While business owners might be tempted to first grab for a consumer-grade tablet like one they use at home instead of a commercial-grade tablet, they may not be considering that consumer-grade tablets are designed for light personal use. Commercial tablets, manufactured for consistent hard use that will likely be experienced in a consumer-facing environment are designed to handle the harsh demands of POS needs. To ensure you’re set up to handle the realities and demands, we recommend investing in a more durable, high-quality product that’s been designed for the specific solution you need. For commercial tablets, you can expect between a 5 to 8-year lifespan, much longer than the 2-3 lifespan associated with the everchanging consumer tablet.

 Additionally, unlike their consumer counterparts, commercial-grade mobile POS systems generally have longer and more robust warranties. Consumer warranties typically only last 1 year and have many ways to void your warranty, including simply upgrading your model.[1] At Mimo, we believe in ensuring our products stand the test of time and save you the headache of having to buy new products every few years. For example, our Adapt line of tablets carry a standard 3-year warranty that covers defects in materials as well as workmanship, with no surprise voiding. A warranty is a good reassurance, but in crises, it isn’t enough on its own. That’s where technical support comes in.

 Investing in a commercial-grade POS system often gives you access to a very different kind of tech support of a much higher, more reliable, and communicative caliber.  That means when the inevitable spillage or errant elbow throws a wrench in your transactions, having technical support available is essential to get back on track with your busy day. Using the kind of tablets you have at home runs the risk of you being left in the lurch (or waiting on the phone for hours waiting for a customer service rep) when your business needs it most. Knowing this is one of the most frustrating issues a client can encounter, we work to combat that by having top-tier customer support. If you reach out to us via email or phone, we will get back to you as rapidly and directly as we can to try and find a solution.

 It’s important to note that advantages of utilizing tablets in a POS capacity don’t stop with you, the business, they also greatly benefit the customer by creating a hassle-free, speedier checkout experience.  Furthermore, it demonstrates your interest in making the customer experience simpler and faster, which they will notice and appreciate.

 Further, one benefit of commercial grade tablets is that it’s much easier to figure out how to fashion or integrate it into your needed solution, for example, we offer features like VESA mounts, wired Ethernet for a flawless connection, Power over Ethernet (PoE), USB ports, slots for barcode scanners and MSRs. This ensures you have all the add-ons necessary to make the tablet operate efficiently and effectively for your situation.  The flexibility and reliability of our commercial-grade tablets make them a clear choice over their more expensive consumer cousins.

 We believe that cutting corners with your point of sale system simply isn’t worth it. On top of risky repair costs, replacements, and unreliable warranties, it’s simply not worth the headache to try and use a technology for something it wasn’t designed for.

 Jumping into a mobile POS system has never been easier or more cost-effective. Not only will tablets create more space for POS impulse buys but they will also make the checkout experience much more enjoyable, convenient and quick for the customer.

 Businesses looking to invest in this tech should review their needs, their expectations, and the capabilities of the different models on the market. Why use a consumer-grade tablet that is built for private use when there are commercial-grade tablets on the market?

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