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Touchscreen Technology: New Solutions for Timeless Challenges

Touchscreen Technology: New Solutions for Timeless Challenges


Touchscreens have rapidly invaded nearly every aspect of daily life, from the smartphone in your pocket to the movie theater ticket line and beyond. The ease of use and intuitive tactility makes touchscreen applications seemingly endless. Innovators in business have taken notice and are looking to find new, intriguing, and useful applications for touchscreen technology. Below, we’ll share some of the ways that touchscreens are being used in new fields, new locales, and with new perspectives.

With advanced technology, there’s no real reason for a customer to wait in line for a human attendant when a touchscreen could be implemented. If a customer needs to place an order at a restaurant, pay their tab, or check in at the doctor’s office, touchscreens save both businesses and customers time and money.

For instance, today, ATM’s are being designed with that principle in mind, and now many banking institutions are reducing their investment in new real estate in order to expand the functionality of their ATM’s. Touchscreens are integral for navigating menus to not only withdraw cash, but to possibly replace a debit card, shift investments, and more. Looking to the future in banking, touchscreens will almost certainly be the solution to cutting costs and letting customers do their business at their convenience, even on a Sunday.

Though ATM technology is already semi-automated, touchscreens are breaking into usually tech-free industries, such as restaurants. Wait-times are something both restaurant owners and restaurant guests dread. Cutting out wasted time means more relaxed clientele and tables that can be rotated rapidly. Touchscreens are fundamental to automated restaurants where customers need simple, yet vibrant displays that make intuitive sense to order from. Innovators at Chaotic Moon Studios recently collaborated with Pizza Hut to execute an exciting new touchscreen application, the “smart table.”[1] This concept lets customers select toppings and see the actual size of their pizza before ordering. It turns ordering from just a transaction into a foodie delight, as customers can drag and drop their favorite toppings onto their pizza. The menu has evolved from a laminated trifold to an interactive and colorful experience, creating a higher likelihood of customer loyalty.  

Integrating touchscreens in revolutionary ways isn’t just about saving time, it’s also about revitalizing important parts of our daily lives to be more engaging and useful. In classrooms, touchscreens are hosting learning games and exciting educational content that makes learning that much more fun for students. Retailers, too, are integrating touchscreen shopping for customers to browse inventory, place special orders, and select specific items from a readable list instead of picking through rack after rack of clothing. This new approach reduces the need for inventory on the main floor, opening up space and budget for branded teasers for future products, and interactive displays that add a unique experience to visiting the store in-person.

At Mimo Monitors, we believe that innovations like these as crucial steps towards making the world more interactive, engaging, and efficient for everyone. Being on the forefront of this new technology and next-gen opportunities for touchscreens, it’s been exciting to see more industries take notice and adapt in order to create a stronger customer experience. We are confident we can find innovative and powerful solutions for any setting, situation, or challenge.


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[1] https://techcrunch.com/2014/03/03/chaotic-moon-pizza-hut/


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