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Mimo Myst Link 10.1" AV-over-IP Capacitive Touch Display, HDMI Capture (MY-1090CV)

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Mimo Myst Link 10.1" AV-over-IP Touch Monitor With HDMI Capture Built-in

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Empowered connection: Reimagine your conference room

Fully released and in production. Available now!

Introducing the groundbreaking and revolutionary Mimo Myst Link, the first Ethernet-connected conference room display with HDMI capture.

Designed with today’s modern conference room in mind, the 10.1” Mimo Myst Link provides unparalleled convenience, ultimate flexibility, and an unmatched price point. Sleek, and sophisticated with a high-end, low-profile design, the Mimo Myst Link features easy-to-use Ethernet connectivity, which simplifies installation and eliminates the hassle of abundant and expensive cords.

This innovative conference room solution is recognized by PCs as a regular display, maximizing usable space and productivity, without increasing complexity and IT requirements. Due to its ubiquitous cabling, which also supplies power (no power at the table needed!), it is seamless for IT to set up and simple to maintain, cutting long-term costs and the need for technical know-how. It also allows for long distance installations, paving the way for flexible and moveable furniture configurations, necessary for today’s evolving work environment. In addition, the capacitive touch display provides a USB connection through to the host computer for connecting hardware such as a speaker/mic without requiring any additional extenders or cables. 

The Myst Link complies with Google Meets and other conference room platforms and features integrated cable management and strain relief, two separate audio paths for speakers and headphones, light, human presence, temperature and orientation sensors, and support for standby and low-power modes with auto wakeup. 

Designed to be a perfect conference room control interface, the Mimo Myst Link is the third generation of Mimo Monitors 10.1” monitor line. The Myst family features a modern zero bezel design, a wide viewing angle from its bright, sharp contrast, IPS screen, and high resolution.  The Mimo Myst Link includes a 10-point projected capacitive touch display panel, optically bonded to reduce glare, for developing an intuitive human interface

This HDMI capture capability that allows your connected computer to stream high quality video, up to 1080p video at 60 frames per second. The capture device converts video and audio from your HDMI source device into standard UVC (USB Video Class) and UAC (USB Audio Class). This video data steam can be presented to other displays or with video processing, sent over the internet to other online meeting participants, or many other options.

The Mimo Myst capture touch display is extremely sturdy build for commercial and corporate work. The cable management build into the base ensures a stable touchscreen on the table or desktop. For wall mounted installations, the Myst offers a specialized wall mount bracket for flush mounting.

Chart of cost savings in typical conference room

* See more room size savings in our downloadable white paper (Click Here)
8-16 person meeting room
large table, display requires CATx extender, speaker/mic and HDMI active extender, power required at table

Mimo Myst Savings
170%  over 3 years
Purchase Cost  $         499  $       999 Add CATx USB Active extension because of USB distance beyond active cable length
Cables & hubs  $         350  $             -
Power at table  $         500  $             -
extenders  $      1,250  $             -
Cable install  $         250  $          50
Total installed  $      2,849  $    1,049
Cable Replacement  $      1,000  $          25 Active and HDMI cable break each year
IT Support (/mo)  $            75  $          38 @$75/hr
Total 3-year cost  $      6,549  $    2,424  

Mimo Myst Family Options

 MY-1090CV Myst Link  AV-over-IP Conference Room Display
 MY-1090CP Myst Capture  USB Connected Conference Room Display
 MY-1090LBH Myst for Android  Android Based Conference Room Display

Mimo Myst Link AV-over-IP Monitor Features

  • Sharp Resolution LCD panel
  • Optically bonded, low glare capacitive touchscreen
  • High contrast and bright LCD panel
  • High quality panel with wide viewing angle.
  • Revolutionary AV-over-IP connection
  • Fully compatible with Windows 8 (and newer), Chrome, Linux and Mac OS X (future release).  
  • Low profile table top or wall-mount  
  • Mechanical drawings available upon request
  • HDMI capture
  • Surface treatment: Hard coating (3H), anti-glare, anti-fingerprint


  • Conference Room Control
  • Control interface where HDMI capture is needed


Product Specs

Display Size
10.1 inches
Display Resolution
Contrast Ratio
Supported Capture Resolutions 
1920x1080, 1280x720
Capture Format 
USB Video Class (UVC)
USB Audio Class (UAC)
Connection Options
Cat5e Ethernet, USB through, HDMI
Viewing Angles
Wall or Table mount available
Power Consumption
16W (total system)
1 Year

  • Optically Bonded Capacitive Touchscreen
  • HDMI capture
  • Surface treatment: Hard coating (3H), anti-glare, anti-fingerprint

Regulatory Certifications
TAA Compliant

Download this model's product sheet (PDF)

Download the Myst Link Installation Wiring Diagram (PDF)

Download the Myst Link User Guide (PDF)

Download this model's 2D Drawing (PDF).

California Residents: warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene and DINP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov .