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Featured Cool Technology: Presentia Out of the Box Conference Suites


Over the recent years touchscreen technology has rapidly revolutionized the way most firms, regardless of their size or stature, do business. This has led to a lot of these business entities realizing enhanced efficiency as well as productivity. Both of which significantly translate in more client satisfaction and retention, that in extension often leads to increased revenue generation.

Presentia uses this technology to give small businesses a cutting edge product in their Out-of-the-Box Conference Solutions.  These offer standardized and totally self-contained corporate conference rooms, all of which is controlled from one 10 inch touch screen monitor – Along with the Presentia hardware and software, the small Mimo monitor can turn on the lights, dial the phone, and direct content onto the large screen for everyone to see, all without the need for any additional expensive, complicated equipment or the expertise to use, install, and maintain it. All they require is one power source and one network connection.

These amazing turn-key conferencing suites come fully equipped and preconfigured with the necessary software, greatly enhancing their usability. There is absolutely no need for certified installers or an IT department. Just plug it into an electrical outlet, and you have a fully-functional collaborative space to hold team meetings or chat with clients.

Not every business has the funds to invest in an office space that has a designated conference room, let alone account for the cost of the very expensive equipment and the technicians required to install said equipment. Not to mention the time that would need to be invested to learn the functions of each remote control. With Presentia, you get a full conference room out of one box and a small touch screen monitor. Just plug it in and go to work.


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