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Windows 10 Technical Support

Windows 10 Technical Support

Mimo prides itself on helping customers overcome any setup or calibration issues with the various Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. With the recent release of the Windows 10 platform, set up and calibration of our monitors has never been easier. You can witness these simple steps in the following product Youtube links below.

Prior to viewing these videos, please make sure that you:

1st) Install Display drivers directly from http://www.displaylink.com/downloads/windows and touch screen drivers from http://www.mimomonitors.com/pages/drivers. We recommend using these links even if an installation CD is included with the monitor.

2nd) If you have already tried to install without any success, uninstall all previously downloaded drivers and reinstall current ones from the links above.

3rd) 7" and 10.1" Capacitive touchscreens using Windows 10 do not need a 3rd party touchscreen drivers. They are HID complaint meaning they utilize Windows Tablet controls which is explained in the following videos.

Mimo Vue (UM-1080C/UM-1080C-OF)

Mimo Magic Touch (UM-1050/UM-1010A)

Mimo Magic Monster (UM-1000)

Mimo Touch 2 (UM-740R)


UM-760C/CF and 760C-Open Frames  

If you require additional technical support, please send an email explaining the issue to twells@mimomonitors.com


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