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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Signage

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Signage

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Signage

Digital signage is extremely important for all of your promotional, advertising, and product demo needs. Digital signage range from massive visual displays at Time Square to small 7-inch and 10-inch monitors displaying programming, menus, advertising, information, and other content. From touchscreen displays at mall kiosks to digital signage in retail and open frame displays at trade shows, there are many turnkey solutions for all of your signage needs. If you’re on the fence about investing in digital displays, these surprising digital signage facts may convince you:

Did you know that public venue digital media reaches a larger audience than videos online?

According to Arbitron’s Digital Video Display Study, 70% of Americans have seen a digital video display in the last month. Comparatively, only 43% of Americans have seen a video online in the last month, and only 41% on Facebook.

Not only is digital signage more visible, it’s also more engaging.

According to a study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 55% of observers who noticed digital signage were “highly engaged, recalling the message on screen every time or most of the time they passed by a digital billboard.”

Did you know that digital signage drives impulse buys?

According to Arbitron’s study, 19% of consumers have made impulse purchases as a result of seeing products or services advertised digitally. Especially if you have a product amenable to unplanned purchases, investing in digital signage is a sharp move.

Did you know they have a longer “shelf life” than static signs?

Static signs and ads may work well initially, but they lose their impact over time. With digital signage, the number of impressions and engagement factor remains consistently high. It is difficult to ignore a vivid display in motion.

Did you know that digital signage is a better way to promote specific products?

According to one study analyzing the promotion of food items, the item advertised via digital signage experienced a 49% increase in sales during the testing period. Items advertised with static signs experienced a 15% increase in sales, in contrast. Digital signage is a great way to promote a new service or product line, or give new life to an existing product that you want to move.

Finally, digital signage keeps your customers happy.

As customers, we hate waiting in line. Even if the shopping experience was otherwise pleasant, the simple act of waiting in line can sour the experience. Not only can vivid digital signage distract, inform, and entertain customers, it can also be used to manage the line by pointing to open cashiers or calling customers forward. According to Digital Signage Today, digital signage reduces the “perceived wait time” at checkouts by up to 35%.

If you are interested in investing in digital signage for your store or business, contact Mimo Monitors today or browse our website to explore our selection of small monitors, touchscreens, and open frame displays.


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