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Optimizing Your Healthcare Facility with Digital Signage

Optimizing Your Healthcare Facility with Digital Signage

In a world where there is increasing demand for healthcare services, it’s crucial that healthcare facilities are optimized to maximize productivity for doctors, patients, and staff. One way to do this is through utilizing digital signage to help improve communication, enhance patient experiences, and streamline operations. At Mimo Monitors, we realize healthcare is a demanding and growing industry. We’ve identified seven key areas where our suite of digital signage solutions can help optimize your healthcare facility.

In a large medical facility or hospital, it can be easy for patients, visitors, and even new staff to get lost navigating the facility. Digital signage can provide clear and concise wayfinding instructions to help patients and visitors find their way around the facility more easily, reducing stress and frustration. Additionally, because of the flexibility that digital signage affords, unlike printed signage, administrators can easily change wayfinding instructions if necessary.

Around-the-Clock Usage
We realize medical facilities operate around the clock, which is why Mimo Monitors’ digital signage is designed with the most durable materials and hardware. We perform meticulous quality checks to ensure our equipment can handle hard use, so you have a product that’s reliable and hold longevity.

Enhanced Communication
Effective communication between patients to staff, staff to staff, or facility to patient is essential for providing quality healthcare. Digital signage can be used to display important information, such as which doctors are serving which rooms, medication schedules, bed availability, and more. Because you can easily update the message with just a few keyboard strokes, you won’t have to worry about reordering room plaques or printed signage, reducing costs and saving you time.

Check-In Efficiency
Check-in can be a time-consuming process due to labor shortages, late patients, and special instances. However, digital signage can help:

  1. Streamline the check-in process through providing a more digitally advanced check in process,
  2. Keep patients informed by displaying wait times, also reducing staff time spent answering distracting questions, and
  3. Minimize the spread of germs, an important factor in today’s COVID-19 pandemic-conscious environment.

Internal Messaging
To ensure that everyone in the facility is informed and up to date, digital signage can relay important internal messages, like weather emergencies, scheduling changes, and other important updates. Having this information communicated quickly and immediately will help in emergency preparedness, where minutes can make a life-saving difference.

Educational Content
As healthcare facilities focus on treatment and care for the ill or disabled, digital signage could also be used to display educational content, such as healthy living tips, disease prevention, and available resources. This can help promote better health outcomes and increase patient satisfaction in providing a form of distraction while waiting.

Looking to promote your elective services, new procedures, or treatments? Use digital signage to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly way to advertise your offerings. The added bonus is having the flexibility to easily update the information without detracting from the marketing budget for design and print costs.

Mimo Monitors: Supporting Healthcare Through Digital Signage
At Mimo Monitors, we understand the unique needs of the healthcare industry, and we offer digital signage solutions that are specifically designed to meet those needs. Our solutions are durable, reliable, and easy to use, making them the ideal choice for medical facilities of all sizes.
Digital signage can provide numerous benefits for healthcare facilities, and we want to help optimize your operations and provide quality healthcare to patients. If you're interested in learning more about our digital signage solutions, contact us today!


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