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Small Format Touch Displays Can Increase Customer Engagement

Small Format Touch Displays Can Increase Customer Engagement

Interacting with small format touch displays coupled with effective interactive digital signage software can translate into longer engagement with consumers in retail advertising.

As messaging is continually becoming more targeted and consumer-centric, digital signage has proven its worth. 68% of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products and 44% said it would influence them to buy advertised products instead of the ones they already planned to purchase[1].And if you are successful at attracting customers or potential customers to interact with touch display, we believe you can more than double their engagement time, which means more time interacting with your brand and your product. 

We at Mimo have the mindset that the best way to engage people is to know your audience and be able to target them appropriately. It’s crucial to note that your audience can change at different times throughout the day and different days of the week, which means having data and utilizing it to understand your customer. Additionally, it’s important to make sure your message is clear and supports your brand’s goals and is in a happy place between your brand initiatives and your target audience at-hand. To do this impactfully, develop creative, interactive digital signage content that they find helpful, useful, or fun.

Some other key points to keep in mind when developing content to cultivate stronger engagement is that it must be colorful and not include too much motion as it can become distracting to some consumers and the motion can take away focus from your key message. If there is text, the font must be easily legible and large enough to attract the reader from a given distance.  The text and background should complement each other, light on dark or color combinations that allow for the text to be legible. And to increase engagement time, make it interactive by using touch screens and again in a creative way that’s engaging to customers. The more enjoyable it is for them to use it, the longer their engagement time will be.

Further, where you install your digital signage in retail locations is also very important. Creating high-quality interactive digital signage content will be useless if not placed in the correct locations The displays should be at eye level or a level that makes interacting with them easy and natural feeling.  It’s also important that they’re utilized in a way that feels instinctual and valuable to the customer. For example, a very good use of small format touch displays is for direct and specific product promotion. For the largest impact, the display should be positioned close to the product, allowing the consumer to engage with the display, look at the actual product and hopefully purchase. For further effectiveness, the display should be coupled with interactive digital signage that can be dynamic, allows the advertiser to show more information on a single screen, improves the consumer’s experience and increases engagement time.

In a marketplace where retailers are struggling to stay afloat with many closing their doors permanently, it’s more crucial than ever for retailers to differentiate themselves and intimately engage with customers to gain loyalty and create a good experience. By using small format touch displays coupled with effective interactive digital signage software allows brands and retailers to more personally engage with consumers on a one-on-one basis just like people are now comfortable doing so on their mobile phones. 

An additional advantage of small format touch displays is that they allow consumers to interact personally with the screen without concern of others seeing how they are interacting and what they are touching on the screen, whereas with a large format display it’s much less discrete.  This allows for consumers to likely be more honest with what data they’re sharing and thus, get more personalized and spot-on recommendations, and help the retailer gather more accurate data in the process.

We believe many brands are missing the boat and not taking interactive digital signage as seriously as they should be, given its proven effectiveness and impact on customer loyalty and the overall shopping experience.

However, the brands that have adopted a strategy that includes interactive digital signage coupled with small format displays have seen sales increase. This has proven true in retailers like Meijer, a retail store chain that implemented Sellr interactive digital signage coupled with Mimo 15.6” Android tablets.

We believe the trend we are seeing, which is more interactive digital signage on small format displays will continue and accelerate, especially with some of the new and innovative products Mimo will be releasing in 2019 including our haptics products. We predict and anticipate several new trends that will help the industry evolve and catch on including the introduction of haptics digital signage, which will be taking it to a whole new level.  Haptics allows for customers to literally feel what they see through the screen, which increases engagement and provides a whole new experience. Look for more information about our new haptics products in late Q1 of 2019.

Effective, interactive digital signage software coupled with a small format touch display can substantially increase customer engagement with a brand and it’s products.

 For more information about Sellr in aisle education software click here.

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