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Touch The World With The New Mimo Vue Monitor



It’s no surprise that many of us cringe at the word “meeting”. The image of a stuffy boardroom with stale doughnuts and a finicky intercom system has been the reality of many employees for the better part of the last few decades. Thankfully, the corporate conference space is evolving.

The modern workforce has a very real need for advanced technology solutions that empower collaboration and communication across the globe. Presentation software and hardware enable users to look and listen to mission critical information in real time. User friendly and flexible tools are at the core of this vision. There is now a new solution that will enable people around the world to seamlessly share and stream top quality HDMI Video content.

We are excited to announce our newest product, the Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture, that we believe will revolutionize the conference room space. The Vue uses proprietary Mimo technology to integrate a capacitive touch screen with an HDMI capture card, allowing for secure and intuitive sharing of digital information to those in the room as well as those in remote locations. The compact 10.1-inch touch screen was specifically designed for conference rooms with an intuitive human interface that reduces the clutter from the conference experience and makes set up a breeze.

We take security and flexibility very seriously. Instead of adding up all the components that make up a conference room individually, which can often be messy and expensive, we bundled our revolutionary touch screen technology with a top-of-the-line HDMI capture card. When you are trying to video conference with a CEO from 3000 miles away, the last thing you want is a mess of cables and a blank screen.

The Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display with HDMI Capture can support the most demanding enterprise applications. The sturdy build integrates a cable management system in the base and can be easily mounted to walls, poles, or other display fixtures. The cable comes neatly coming out of the tabletop display for ease of use.

A USB 3.0 video connection frees up HDMI and other video inputs for additional screens and doesn’t require expensive hardware. Additionally, our bundled integrated touch display and HDMI capture card provides 30% saving for customers when compared to purchasing the two separately.

Also, for security, we do not support data capability, which eliminates the risk of transferring a virus or other malicious software from desktop to desktop. The captured HDMI video and audio can be safely stored, sent, and even displayed on multiple screens in the same room.

Meetings are often online now, and businesses that are technology laggards open themselves up to mistakes, inefficiencies, and potentially lost revenue. We partner with brands like Google, Royal Caribbean, and US Golf to provide the best solutions to their technological challenges.  If you’re interested in learning more about the Vue and how it can work for your needs, check out the product here!


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