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Designing a Killer Trade Show Booth


From small local conferences to massive yearly expos, trade shows are an essential part of networking and marketing. Trade shows are an opportunity to connect with potential suppliers, distributors, vendors, and customers and showcase your latest product or development. Have you been tasked with organizing a booth at an upcoming trade show? It can seem like a difficult task to make your booth stand out from the rest of the crowd. It may not be as hard as you think, though. Here are a number of tips and tricks we’ve compiled that can help you organize a successful trade show booth that will attract hundreds of visitors and be the star of the show:


Make your booth visually appealing


In order to get people to see your booth in the middle of a massive and bustling trade show floor, you need to have signage that sticks out in a crowd. You want to have attractive, professional banners and backdrops that reflect your brand. You also want to make use of beautiful, crisp Mimo Monitors HD monitors. Mount an open frame display in your booth, displaying a video of the services your company offers. Aesthetics are very important, so if your booth is appealing to the eye, it will draw people in instead of having them walk right by. You can’t appeal to their other senses until they step inside your booth.


Offer engaging demonstrations


Now that you have attracted people to your booth, the next step is to engage and interact with them in order to make a future customer. Mimo Monitors can provide you with a number of great options to interact with clients. You can provide them with an interactive demonstration on a small monitor with capacitative touchscreen technology. You can use an Android tablet to collect sign-ups or contact information from trade show patrons. You can also build a custom housing with an open frame display for a more professional feel.


Create a Social Media Presence


You can’t forget about the potential clients that couldn’t make it to that day’s trade show. The most successful trade show booths also connect with people over social media. You should have some live tweet the event, share pictures on Instagram and provide updates on Facebook. You should also give a recap of the day’s event on your company’s blog page. If the trade show is spread over multiple days, you can entice people to come out the following day. If the trade show is now over, you may still attract fresh eyes to your next trade show booth down the road.


These tips should help you take your trade show experience to the next level.



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