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Featured Cool Technology: Tech for Home

Featured Cool Technology: Tech for Home


New gadgets and gizmos are being invented and released every day, so it can be hard to keep up. In order to solve some of the modern world’s most common problems, inventors have come up with some cool, new ideas for your home. Here are four new inventions for your home that you might not know exist:


Floor Plan Light Switch


When you have a panel full of light switches, it can be cumbersome to remember which switch is connected to which light. The Floor Plan Light switch offers an easy solution. This invention is a wall panel that has a picture of your floor plan on it, and each individual room on the floor plan is a push button.  You’ll never forget which button turns on the front hall light again!


iQ Alarm clock


Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? Are you guilty of hitting the snooze button more than once? This alarm clock tries to solve the issue of blaming the ineffective snooze button by engaging your mind. In order to stop the alarm from blaring, a skill-testing question is placed on the alarm clock screen. The thinking is: by waking up and solving a problem before hitting snooze, you will be awake enough to get out of bed completely.




Taking a young child’s temperature can be a real pain. This was the thought behind the Pacif-I, which is a smart pacifier for infants that measures their temperature and transmits that data to an app using Bluetooth Low Energy. Within the app, parents can add medication information such as name, dosage, and when it was last given. The Pacif-I also has a built-in tracker, so you’ll be able to track it down if it goes missing.


Wall-Mounted Squeeze Player


Since Logitech has discontinued their “squeeze” line of networked music players, the need for a network music player has become apparent. It is actually quite easy to make one of these devices at home, using a Raspberry Pi Model B and a beautiful Mimo UM-720F USB Touchscreen Display. This project consists of two parts: preparing the Raspberry Pi to run the Squeezelite software, and installing the Pi and the Mimo Touchscreen to the wall. For detailed instructions, please click this link. The end result is a wall-mounted network music player that runs smooth and looks thanks to the mounted Mimo USB Touchscreen display.





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