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The Countless, Innovative Uses for Kiosks

The Countless, Innovative Uses for Kiosks

Today, touchscreen kiosks are popping up everywhere as organizations in numerous industries leverage these small but personable devices to speed processes and improve experiences by putting customers and guests in the driver’s seat. This interactive technology can be found in quick-serve restaurants, retail stores, airports, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, and more.

Interactive kiosks have countless innovative applications in which they can be used to entertain, educate, and engage users. Hotel guests and airplane passengers are becoming accustomed to finding these portals in lobbies to help accelerate the check-in process. And businesses are discovering that by implementing kiosks, they can reduce their human labor expenses while decreasing wait times, increasing the satisfaction of stakeholders and customers alike.

Small retail kiosks are being employed to help customers make decisions. For example, the Sellr wine kiosk acts as an expert sommelier that assists customers by finding wines that match their tastes, without the customer feeling intimidated. This makes for a positive interaction that improves customer satisfaction and increases brand loyalty. In the same vein, informational kiosks can be of assistance anywhere customers may feel overwhelmed by choices, or have questions about the differences in models, such as appliances, supplements, or sporting goods.

Beyond the time savings, costs cutting, and engagement enhancing benefits of kiosks, they are also capable of collecting valuable data from customers. By assimilating interaction and behavioral patterns, kiosks can serve as actionable insights that organizations can use in making business decisions. Touchscreen kiosks also allow businesses to serve more clients at a time. And because people already use touchscreen mobile phones and tablets in their daily lives, the familiarity of a touchscreen kiosk is both inviting and attractive to consumers. In addition, they can be used to offer guests educational games, fun quizzes and tests, accept contest entries, and serve as an on-demand printing terminal.

Retailer Sephora reveals new ways kiosks are facilitating engagement through the use of their Skincare IQ and Fragrant IQ systems.[1] The kiosks give customers a sensory experience complete with scents. In the near future, personalization could represent the next big thing in kiosk technology for many businesses. For example, kiosks may be used to capture and save customer data so that the terminal can offer recommendations based on saved taste profiles and newly stocked inventory to a particular customer during future visits to their favorite wine store.

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