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The Mimo Monitors Process Delivers the Industry’s Leading Small Touch Screen Solutions

The Mimo Monitors Process Delivers the Industry’s Leading Small Touch Screen Solutions

We are a company that consistently strives for innovation in the small touchscreen space. With a proactive approach to solving customer needs and producing results, we have a hard-earned reputation of excellence and have developed collaborative relationships with companies such as Logitech and Google. We take a lot of pride in our development process and believe our team is our greatest asset to providing groundbreaking small touch screen solutions.


We see the key to our growth and success is a keen focus on the marketplace, drawing our inspiration from customers to determine new and exciting new products to introduce. Our customers have exceptional expertise in their fields and we work together to understand how touch screen monitor technology can improve their business success. We place a high value on our customer’s feedback and use their product comments to improve our small touch monitor products.


Our product creation process kicks off with a client collaboration session to fully understand what needs are not currently being achieved. We also use this as an opportunity to discuss detailed expectations and product requirements to develop a specification list our engineering team can utilize for product design. 


The design phase is conducted while eliciting client feedback to ensure the external aesthetics and functionality meet specification. The internal electronics are then designed and prototyping begins. Successful prototypes are created for user and life cycle testing to ensure the design is fully functioning and reliable.


At the end of this detailed and collaborative process, a new product is ready to bring to the marketplace.


Our newest product, the Mimo Vue HDMI Capture, most recently completed this process. The client’s pain-point was the struggle with sharing local content to remote conference room meetings. In today’s digital environment, remote meetings are becoming commonplace, and an inability to conduct these interactions in a streamlined fashion is detrimental to business success. By getting a detailed understanding of their issues we were able to deliver a seamless solution.


Our dedicated team of technology and design experts has the experience and customer focus required to deliver innovative and custom small touch screen solutions. With offices in Libertyville, IL and Princeton, NJ, along with our factory partner in Korea, Mimo Monitors produces this industry’s most advanced small touch monitor products in the world.


Visit us online to learn more about Mimo Monitors and check out the new and exciting Mimo Vue HDMI Capture today!


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