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Why our commercial tablet is a better solution than an iPad for POS

Why our commercial tablet is a better solution than an iPad for POS


Mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems are an emerging trend. These systems are consumer-grade products (like tablets) that have been converted for payment processing purposes. In order to cut initial costs, some business owners are considering using consumer-grade touchscreens like the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab instead of investing in more expensive (yet higher quality) commercial-grade screens. The initial investment made when purchasing commercial-grade POS systems will actually save merchants money over time. Commercial-grade screens aren’t necessarily priced higher, either – Mimo’s new 10” Adapt-IQ tablet is significantly less expensive than an iPad. Here are the reasons why you should invest in a commercial-grade tablet:


Built to Last


Consumer-grade technology is only built for light, personal use at home for a few hours a day. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that it would most likely wear down quickly if it is used in a high-volume POS setting like a restaurant or a retail store. This breakdown leads to costly repair and/or replacement bills. This is why it makes sense to invest in a commercial-grade tablet, because these POS systems are designed to be strong and durable so they can withstand heavy usage. They typically offer a lifecycle of 5 to 8 years of regular business use, meaning you will spend much less time worrying about or paying for repairs and replacements. Just as important is the fact that the tablet will be supported in fit, form, and function for that same time. It is frustrating when the iPad or Samsung tablet looks and functions differently every twelve months. 


Longer Warranties


Commercial-grade systems have much longer and more robust warranties than their consumer-grade counterparts. If your consumer grade tablet breaks after two short years, it isn’t likely to be covered under any warranties, which means it would be time to purchase a brand new device. As stated earlier, commercial-grade POS systems offer a life cycle of 6.5 years on average. Mimo Monitors’ Adapt family of tablets carry a three-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Technical Support


If you invest in a commercial-grade point-of-sale system, you will have access to commercial-grade support as well. If your POS system goes down in the middle of a busy day, you want to be able to get things up and running as soon as possible. In this type of scenario, which does happen to all businesses, you will want to be able to immediately contact technical support in order to solve it. Most commercial-grade POS system providers offer this kind of support with their products, which should make them a no-brainer.


Unique Functions


Mimo Monitors’ Adapt family of tablets feature functions not found on consumer tablets including VESA mounts, wire Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, USB ports, accessory slots for MSR (magnetic stripe reader), bar code scanners, and more. Furthermore, the Adapt family of tablets run on a rooted, developer build of Google’s Android mobile operating system. It makes it easy to create what you need without having to resort to tricks.


Without a reliable commercial-grade point-of-sale system as its backbone, a business is much likelier to experience headaches like repair bills, costly replacements, or hardware malfunctions. If you are looking for a reliable commercial POS system for your business, you should contact Mimo Monitors today.



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