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Mimo Monitors Offers Top Tips for Exceptional Meeting Room Experiences 

Conference rooms need to be equipped for ultimate flexibility, intuitive use, and seamless integration to cultivate meaningful productivity and collaboration of evolving workforce 

CHICAGO, IL—May 4, 2022— Mimo Monitors (www.MimoMonitors.com), an  expert in small touchscreen displays, is working  with Google Workspace to provide top video conferencing tips to optimize productivity, flexibility, and accessibility for teams both in the office and working remotely. With Mimo and Google Workspaces expertise in the video conferencing arena, they have vast knowledge on how companies can inspire offices and people around the globe to collaborate more easily and effectively in meetings. 

“Creating a conference room that is designed with flexibility at the forefront is essential,” said Mimo Monitors CEO, David Anderson. “In today’s era, offices need to be extra prepared for unforeseen circumstances and set up to ensure that the conference room can accommodate moveable furniture configurations while supporting folks in office and afar on an ever-changing basis.”

One way to ensure this positive and comparable experience for everyone is to utilize a conference room kit that includes all the necessary components for any conference room space and is designed to thoughtfully work together. Utilizing a kit that is designed and tested together, ensures high-performance and intuitive usability for everyone in the meeting. The Google Meet Series One  Room Kit from Lenovo combines state-of-the-art conference room software and hardware to make the conference room more interactive, simple to use, and flexible. 

A key component of a great meeting room experience is the elegant Series One Touch Controller, which connects over a simple CAT5e Ethernet cable. This innovative display eliminates the typical complexities, costs, and hassle surrounding the abundance of cables typically needed to set up a conference room controller. It also allows for the PC to be a long distance, up to 100 meters, from the display. This ease of long-distance installation and the fact that there is only one cable needed for deployment, allows the user to have ultimate flexibility in setting up or arranging their conference or huddle room space, and the ability to easily shift things around.

Scott Friedman, Head of Partnerships and Alliances for Google Meet hardware, also discussed how to build culture around video equity so that everyone has a comparable experience whether they are in the room or working remotely: “Through technologies like Companion mode, we  are working to ensure that meeting room participants have access to the same meeting features that remote participants do -- such as hand raise, Q&A, chat, sharing, and more. ”   

About Mimo Monitors:

Mimo Monitors (www.mimomonitors.com) was founded in 2008 to provide customers and partners with personalized customer service and the best quality small footprint small displays, touch screens, and tablets at the best value. Striving to provide customers with a technical partnership to develop customized solutions with leading edge technologies, Mimo Monitors has grown into a leading supplier of touch solutions for a wide variety of markets and Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Hertz, and VeriFone. From interactive POP digital signage, to desktop and mounted control panels, to point of sale systems, hands-on kiosks, and portable applications, our unique single USB connection allows for a myriad of innovative applications.


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