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Mimo Monitors’ selection of 7-inch monitor devices is one of our most popular product categories. Our customers love the minimalistic design and compact form factor associated with monitors this size, as well as the array of technical innovations our team has managed to fit into such small systems. We’re proud of the work that has gone into making these highly resilient, responsive, and convenient devices, and our customers are proud to own such devices that they can trust to function as intended consistently.

We have a large selection of 7-inch monitors readily available for order, each of which offers an entirely fresh and unique user experience. Whether you’re considering a multi-touch input device, open-frame monitor, or the perfect multimedia system, Mimo Monitors’ line of 7-inch devices are more than up for the task. Each of these systems come with full compatibility with Linux, Windows 7 and Mac OS right out of the box (please note that a special driver is required to enable touch functionality on Mac systems).

We’ve got some truly unique products available for business owners and those seeking something a little different. For digital signage, we offer the Adapt-IQ for instance, which is specially designed for long-term commercial and retail use as a display system. Featuring a quad-core Cortex A9 chipset and Android 4.4 KitKat for lightning-fast operability, it’s just one of many ideal 7-inch devices we offer for commercial and display use. Alternative products that are equally popular include the Mimo UM-760C, which is a USB-compatible multi-touch display featuring DisplayLink technology, an integrated stand that can be rotated for use in landscape or portrait mode, a highly durable design right down to the screws, and even Raspberry Pi support. Each of these devices is fully compatible with our USB Extender, which utilizes power-over-twisted-pair for a single video, audio, and power cable connection to minimize wire clutter.

Mimo’s 7-inch monitors are suitable for a vast range of applications – essentially any that you can think of – and are built to last for years of regular use. Browse our selection of products below to discover which one is perfect for your needs.