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Mimo Adapt-IQ 15.6" Digital Signage Tablet And. 4.4/5.1, RK3188, (MCT-156QDS)

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This is a legacy product and has been discontinued. Please contact us at this link if you have any questions.


The Adapt-IQ 15.6” by Mimo

Mimo Monitors’ high-end tablets are designed specifically for the commercial and retail space. The commercial tablets are optimized for the unique needs of these applications, providing 24/7 running capability and superior performance over consumer tablet models. The Adapt IQ Android digital signage player is designed with durable hardware that is crafted and tested for the demands of commercial environments, including a rugged case and tempered glass exterior, and SD card protection system, stereo audio output, VESA mounting capabilities, and more.

The Adapt-IQ Mimo Android digital signage player is designed with versatile connectivity options, including the option to enable secure, wired Ethernet connection, as well as strong, high-performing wireless connections. The Adapt-IQ tablet is expertly engineered to prevent the need for battery power, making it a durable and easily integrated tool for a variety of commercial environments.

The Mimo Adapt-IQ tablet is uniquely designed for exceptional user experience, offering a durable mounted Android digital display option for a variety of commercial applications, including retail POS/POP, businesses in the industrial sectors, and hospitality industries. This commercial tablet is optimized for integration into kiosks, end-cap displays, as well as customer-facing digital and touch screen display applications in the POS/POP retail space.

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Software for managing your fleet at scale: Device Management and Kiosk Software

When companies create an amazing experience on one device, it is often a struggle to deploy and support the hardware at scale. For any multi-unit deployment, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a crucial piece of any device deployment and MService, Mimo Monitors’ new remote device management software, allows for convenient and comprehensive cloud-based display management from any location around the globe. MService was specifically built to manage fleets of devices quickly and easily and is custom-tailored and installed on all Mimo hardware. MService offers simple and seamless management of a limitless number of devices at an accessible and unbeatable price point. Now customers can rely on Mimo’s superior customer service as a one-stop-shop for hardware and remote device management software needs. This combination of hardware and software alleviates challenges by adding the functionality required to solve our customers’ pain points.

In addition, Mimo Monitors kiosk software, MLock is a FREE, pre-installed application with the capability to “lock down” your device by securely disabling physical buttons and the touchscreen. MLock supports two methods of locking down your device. The first method is by configuring MLock to launch your custom application that will take control of the device. The second method is by using one of MLock’s two play modes, video player or web viewer, to display video content or lock the browser to a URL that you provide. Mimo Monitors also offers an MLock SDK that can be used to bundle Mimo services into your application. 

MService can be used to remotely update MLock settings, to push new content, or to re-configure how the tablet is locked. MService and MLock are an unbeatable combination of capabilities that simplify your deployment. However, if you prefer to use a separate 3rd party MDM, we are certified with Moki, Airwatch, and others.

Commercial tablet displays optimized for long-term integration and customer support

The Adapt-IQ commercial digital display is designed specifically for long-term use. The hardware used in the internal assembly was chosen specifically for its ability to remain current and relevant over the long-term, preventing the need for hardware upgrades by the end user. By prioritizing long product life, Mimo Monitors ensures product and software continuity throughout different phases of services and rollouts.

Quad Core ARM A9

The Adapt-IQ tablet comes fit with a quad core Cortex A9 chipset, offering a 1.6GHz peak frequency. The industry-leading Cortex A9 chipset supports the latest ARM processor package for optimal integration in a variety of commercial applications. This setup allows apps to launch instantly at the touch of the screen, and supports them in running smoothly over the long-term. The quad-core CPU allows the processor to provide lifelike, smooth graphics with even the most intensive visual and video content. The 2GB of dual-channel DDR3 memory makes the Adapt-IQ 15.6” tablet stand out from the competition, offering quick and reliable response for an exceptional user experience.

License-free Android 5.1 KitKat OS (4.4 available)

Mimo Monitors’ Adapt-IQ with quad-core and Android 5.1 OS (4.4 available upon request) delivers leading loading and playback speeds. These expertly engineered commercial display tablets offer 50% acceleration in webpage opening speed, 16% increase in app loading speed, 25% increase in app installation speed, and a 30% acceleration in photo and video loading speed. The Adapt-IQ is optimally designed to align with apps downloaded directly from the Android Market, allowing for ease of use and full integration and customization in commercial applications.

Multi-touch, high-quality tempered glass panel

The Adapt-IQ 15.6” commercial display tablet 5-point multi-touch projected display panel for an impressive and enjoyable user experience. The Adapt-IQ tablet is optimized for long-term use and unsurpassed durability, with a scratch-free tempered glass display with advanced laser carving and double-deck glass. The touch panel is expertly designed for a simple and pleasant user experience, responding instantly and accurately without dead corners or unresponsive space.

Ethernet (wired and optional Power over Ethernet), VESA mount display option

The Adapt-IQ tablet is optimized for commercial display spaces, with the inclusion of convenient VESA mounting holes on the backside of the tablet, and a protected SD card slot for ease of integration with marketing materials in the commercial and retail environments. The Adapt-IQ tablet comes equipped with built-in wireless Wi-Fi capability, as well as an RJ45 Ethernet connection. There is also the option for additional SD memory to expand internal memory capacity for your needs. The Adapt-IQ can also be configured with Power over Ethernet (PoE) should you wish to power the tablet via network connection. The Mimo tablet display is device-friendly, able to connect with printers, bar code scanners, and other USB accessories in order to provide a fully integrated functionality in any commercial or retail space.

Add-on Module Slots

The Adapt-IQ commercial tablet display comes equipped with options for further functionalities, with 3 USB-based add-on module slots. These add-on options allow you to add new hardware capabilities as the requirements of your business change and evolve, setting you up for a long-term commercial display solution that will adapt to your needs. The add-on slots accept devices like NFC modules, 2D bar code readers, magnetic stripe readers, and more.

Smooth HD video playback with HTML5 and Flash support

Mimo’s Adapt-IQ delivers smooth, full HD 1080P video playback for impressive commercial display applications, compatible with a wide variety of formats including 480P, 720P and 1080P; TS, H.24, MPEG4, WMV and more. The tablet offers the function to access webpages and online videos and games for commercial use. It also supports a wide range of animation technologies, including HTML5 and Adobe Flash 11.0.

Best commercial and retail tablet for customer experience

Designed with the end user in mind, Mimo Monitors’ tablets offer a superior customer experience with a rich, interactive display. The Adapt-IQ tablet is designed for customized client interactions for a wide array of commercial and retail environments, from kiosks to customer-facing touch screen display areas. High-performance hardware is matched with a high-quality ABS case and a zero-bezel design to ensure optimal lifetime and scratch resistance in commercial and retail applications.

Product Specs

Display Size
15.6 inches
Display Resolution
Contrast Ratio
Viewing Angle
Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth
Operating Temperature 
-10 to 50c
Power Consumption
15.24" (387mm) x 9.45" (240mm) x 1.06" (27mm)(thickness)

  • 10 point touch projected capacitive
  • CPU - ARM Cortex-A9
  • 8GB eMMC Flash
  • 2D Barcode scanner (optional)
  • +, -, Up, Down Menu/Enter
  • Body and cover are black ABS & PC

  • Download this model's product sheet (PDF)
    California Residents: warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Styrene and DINP, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov .