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4 Reasons to Give Your Kids the Gift of Raspberry Pi

4 Reasons to Give Your Kids the Gift of Raspberry Pi


In the 1970s, hobbyist computer products like the MITS Altair 8800 inspired a generation of future computer genius to build, tinker, and customize a microcomputer. In fact, the first programming language for the machine was Altair BASIC, Microsoft’s very first product developed by Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Monte Davidoff.


If that spirit of innovation seems lost on today’s generation, it’s understandable. Today’s youth carry iPhones in their pockets with processing power that dramatically outpaces supercomputers from the past, nevermind microcomputers. However, Raspberry Pi may reawaken the spirit of curiosity and discovery for a new generation.


What is Raspberry Pi?


Raspberry Pi is a simple small credit card sized circuit board that is intended to introduce kids to computer science and basic programming. Raspberry Pi can be completely customized to perform a wide array of functions, especially when paired with a small display from Mimo Monitors. For example, check out the instructions for building a wall-mounted media player using a Mimo display and Raspberry Pi.


Why Programming Matters


In this day and age, the demand for programmers is growing rapidly and there is a constant need and demand for qualified programmers. Raspberry Pi was created to help reignite the spark that people had years ago, so that young children can learn the skills to go forward into a more technologically advancing world where automation will become more and more commonplace.


It is widely believed that by 2030 many home gadgets will be automated and you can see from trends that we are heading in that direction. So here are four good reasons why your kids will thank you for introducing them to Raspberry Pi.


Beam me up Scotty!


Yes, it's absolutely true. It is possible to use a cheap Raspberry Pi to enter Earth's Orbit. You won't be able to give yourself the gift of space travel (yet) however people have successfully used a Raspberry Pi to record video footage of an ascent into Earth's near orbit (via a weather balloon) using 3G signals to capture along with a plugged in webcam.


Make your very own mobile phone!


You can find projects online to copy these various ideas. One young innovator has successfully used his Raspberry Pi in conjunction with a phone screen to make a real, working mobile phone where you can call your friends.


Create a home server and teach website building


A Raspberry Pi can be used to show and teach server basics, creating web pages etc. to children and anyone interested. This is normally hard to physically teach unless you own a much more expensive actual “server” unit.


Build what you want, how you want!


The real beauty of a Raspberry Pi is in the customization. Choose from a Mimo touch screen unit, a case, a sense hat, a computer model development kit or one of the various models of Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2 or even a Raspberry Pi zero. For more information on using Mimo touch-screen units with Raspberry Pi, visit the following links: Using Mimo with Raspberry Pi, Instructions for using Mimo Magic Touch.


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