Our Process

Engineering to Exceed Expectations

We pride ourselves in being solutions-oriented and customer-centric to ensure that each of our products exceeds your expectations. We have an engineering process specifically designed to drive innovation and make our touchscreens, displays, and monitors the very best they can be each step off the way. Through iteration, testing, and feedback we're consistently ensuring each of our products are sure to be cutting-edge, durable, reliable.


Our Engineering Process

Step 1

Step 1:

Researching Next-Gen Technologies and Trends to Determine Our Next Product:

Utilizing our customer-centric approach, we talk to our customers about what they need and work to be ahead of market trends by staying forward-thinking and on top of future trends and anticipated needs.

Step 2

Step 2:

Customer Conversations & Need Assessment:

We keep a close relationship with our customers by working with them to ensure that our next product will not only fit their needs but exceed their expectations. In pre-development we ideate and iterate on product specs and features to ensure it fits price and feature requirements.

Step 2
Step 3

Step 3:

Engineers Assemble:

We pull together a team of our best engineers for the job, depending on the need of the product. Our team is always cross-functional and almost always split between folks in the USA and in Asia.

Step 4

Step 4:

Engineering Prototype Through Product Creation:

Our engineering goes through stringent and thorough steps to ensure our products are iterated on to reflect the premium quality and innovation you can expect from us:

Step 4

A low volume of prototypes are created to ensure that the basic hardware functions operate well enough to allow the software/firmware/driver team to get to work.

In this step we create the first real-world version of the product, made in production molds, created in slightly higher volume amounts. We place the product in real world environments internally to quality test and allow the customer/end-user to try it to ensure we’re creating the most reliable product possible. Between drop tests, water tests, shipping tests, general durability testing and more, nothing gets past us. We iterate our product upon feedback to ensure premium quality and ultimate reliability.

The final version of the product is completed and created in a higher volume amount, ready for sale. We do quality tests on the products which in this stage, are expected to pass. These are now ready for large-scale deployments in real world environments.