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Why choose a USB connected display?

Why choose a USB connected display over a standard VGA or HDMI solution:

Mimo 7" Capacitive Touch Portable Base Display, USB (UM-760C)
  • Expandability

    You can work far more efficiently on multiple screens. While most PCs and media players offer only 1 or 2 video outputs, USB technology allows you to add up to 6 more screens.
  • Simplicity and portability

    Just a single cable connects video, touch, and power, making an elegant solution while eliminating cable mess and allowing you to easily take your device anywhere.
  • Power Savings

    A USB graphics solution uses up to 80% less power than a discrete solution. How is that possible? USB displays save a huge amount of power by working in software versus hardware.
  • Security

    Since you’re working with a wired medium, your information cannot easily be captured. That makes USB solutions the perfect fit for any application where security of video information is needed.