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Commercial Tablets with MLock Software

Mimo Monitors is known for fast, reliable, and powerful systems that can handle whatever you want to throw at them. The perfect example is our selection of 7 to 32-inch commercial Android tablets for both indoor and outdoor applications – each has been carefully engineered for maximum performance, user-friendliness, and sheer simplicity. These commercial tablets are made to last for years to come without any requirement for maintenance or upkeep, eliminating the needless hassle and helping you be more productive than ever before.  Our tablets come with M-Lock Software.  M-Lock is a pre-installed application, developed by Mimo Monitors, with the capability to “lock down” your device by securely disabling physical buttons and the touchscreen. M-Lock supports two methods of locking down your device. The first method is by configuring M-Lock to launch your custom application that will take control of the device. The second method is by using one of M-Lock’s two Play Modes, Video Player or Web Viewer, to display video content or lock the browser to a URL that you provide. M-Lock can also be remotely configured using Mimo's remote device management software, M-Service