Multi-Monitor Set-Ups Can Make Your Life Easier

Multi-Monitor Set-Ups Can Make Your Life Easier

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USB Plug and Display Simplicity

USB Plug and Display Simplicity

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Expand Your Workplace & Increase Productivity

Expand Your Workplace & Increase Productivity

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Mimo Monitors - Redesigning Your Touchscreen Experience

What is a technology that often goes unnoticed, but is essential to devices you use daily, like smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices? It’s touchscreen technology.

Mimo Monitors has been at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative full-concept touchscreen technology solutions for many years, exceeding the expectations of both end users and enterprises. Unlike other solutions, all of our products are made to provide the lowest cost of entry while leveraging full touchscreen display capability across a number of applications. Our cutting-edge approach is simple, accessible, flexible, professional, and secure: With only one USB connection, our touchscreen technology is powerful enough to combine video and touch, eliminating extra cables and any complications. Connect up to 14 touch-enabled displays to one computing device without the need to upgrade your video card. Our touchscreen monitors and open frame displays are supported under Windows, Mac, and Linux (including Raspberry Pi).

Touchscreen Technology Solutions

Mimo Monitors designs and manufactures state-of-the-art support devices to power a number of applications in the commercial and industrial sectors. From entertainment to hospitality, medical to industrial automation, our technology is a seamless component of both business-facing and customer-facing uses.Our industry-changing single USB connection empowers endless innovative applications on one device. From interactive POP digital signage to deliver interactive content, to point of sale systems to simplify service, to hands-on kiosks improving customer experiences and more - there are infinite possibilities with our touchscreen solutions.
Touchscreen Technology Solutions

Why Choose Mimo?

At Mimo, we know touch. Perfecting touchscreen technology and obsessing over details to create the perfect user experience is what we do. We are global business experts and big believers in customized, personal customer service. We are proud to deliver outstanding products that help our customers drive productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction. From custom displays to large-scale, hands-on kiosks, we always have our eyes on the changing market to deliver solutions that are always one step ahead. By choosing our solutions, you will know from the first touch that you have invested in quality and performance. Don't see what you need? Just contact us and our team of business technology specialists will be able to customize to your unique touchscreen requirements.
More Value
Mimo touchscreen monitors, open frame displays, and commercial tablets stand for quality and reliability at an affordable rate. Our customers can trust that there are no hidden costs for additional, expensive hardware or IT assistance. Thanks to our monitors’ unique single USB connection capability the one-time touchscreen solution purchase will be all you need.
Versatility and Maximized Efficiency
Our above industry-standards versatility is what makes Mimo Monitors stand heads and shoulders above the competition. Our passion and commitment to constant innovation have been leading the way to video and touch capabilities you won’t find anywhere else - with just a single USB connection to power everything. These are not typical consumer products - we engineer touchscreen solutions for demanding commercial and industrial environments.
Unique Customer Support
At Mimo Monitors, we take customer service to heart. We strive to deliver more than expected at all times because our customers are worth it to us. You can count on our hands-on support with direct access to developers and technicians to make your Mimo experience the best it can possibly be, from helping you select the right solution to answering your day-to-day operational questions.

Why choose a USB connected display?

Why choose a USB connected display over a standard VGA or HDMI solution:

Mimo UM-760C 7” Display
  • Expandability

    You can work far more efficiently on multiple screens. While most PCs and media players offer only 1 or 2 video outputs, USB technology allows you to add up to 6 more screens.
  • Simplicity and portability

    Just a single cable connects video, touch, and power, making an elegant solution while eliminating cable mess and allowing you to easily take your device anywhere.
  • Power Savings

    A USB graphics solution uses up to 80% less power than a discrete solution. How is that possible? USB displays save a huge amount of power by working in software versus hardware.
  • Security

    Since you’re working with a wired medium, your information cannot easily be captured. That makes USB solutions the perfect fit for any application where security of video information is needed.

Praise for Mimo Monitors

"These look like the perfect mini-displays to set up widgets, chat's perfect to make your awesome computer rig even more awesome."
"For people who work with a number of apps and find desktop space to be at a premium...this is definitely worth a second look."
"[For] Flikr, Tweetdeck, Skype, something you constantly consult but don't want living in the middle of your main desktop..."
"It uses a single USB worked very well, and looks kind of cute too...the setup was straightforward...and after an hour of use, I like the unit."
"Heck, you can get a bunch of these and connect to the same computer without having to worry about purchasing an additional video card."