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Small Touchscreens. Flexible Innovation. Human Connection.

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Seamless Small Touchscreen Solutions For Conference Rooms, Digital Signage, Transportation And More

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We Believe In Touchscreens With Human Touch

We believe the world should be more interactive, and provide you with the best user experience possible.

We believe in listening to our customers because we know that the best hardware is made through collaboration.

These core beliefs drive everything that we do here at Mimo Monitors.

Small Touchscreens. Flexible Innovation. Human Connection.

Flexible, Simple, And Creatively Customizable Solutions

We specialize in small touch screen monitors and displays that help simplify your life and maximize your potential at work. Ranging from 7-21 inches, we pride ourselves on innovative, high quality, and cutting-edge touchscreen technology designed to be inherently flexible to suit your needs, and bring your vision to life. While we feel confident that we’ve got the best in class that touchscreen display technology can offer, we don’t just stop there. We provide hands-on attention with a strong focus on responsive customer service to help you create customized solutions, and provide direct access to our team to answer any questions you have in the process. If you’re looking for a customized solution or don’t see a product that fits what you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to create one that’s perfect for you.

Small Touchscreen Solutions: USB Monitors, Commercial Tablets, and Custom Designs

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No Fuss. Exactly What You Need

Our products are designed to eliminate the fuss of multiple wires, with only one USB connection powerful to accommodate both video and touch capability, and run everything you need. Supported under Windows, Mac, and Linux, and designed specifically for demanding commercial uses and industrial environments, we work to provide accessibility, versatility, security, and top-notch quality across all of our devices.

Our touchscreens are used across industries ranging from hospitality, to entertainment, IT, medical and transportation, ideal for interactive POP digital signage, point-of-sale systems, hands-on kiosks, conference rooms and more.

More Praise For Mimo Monitors

"When it's folded, this [Mimo 710-S] collapsible, portable monitor is trimmer than an Olsen twin."

"These look like the perfect mini-displays to set up widgets, chat windows...it's perfect to make your awesome computer rig even more awesome."

"For people who work with a number of apps and find desktop space to be at a premium...this is definitely worth a second look."

"[For] Flikr, Tweetdeck, Skype, something you constantly consult but don't want living in the middle of your main desktop..."

"It uses a single USB connection...it worked very well, and looks kind of cute too...the setup was straightforward...and after an hour of use, I like the unit."

"Heck, you can get a bunch of these and connect to the same computer without having to worry about purchasing an additional video card."