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Mimo Monitors Touchscreen Technology Solutions

Mimo Monitors has been offering technology solutions to a wide range of businesses and consumers for many years. Our monitors offer the smallest footprint and lowest cost of entry into touchscreen functionality. Innovative technology combines video, touch, and power into one USB connection. Simple, proven, and secure: One cable does it all. Connect as many as 14 touch enabled displays to one computing device, without upgrading your video card.

Our touch displays are supported under Windows, Mac, and Linux (including Raspberry Pi).

From interactive POP digital signage, to desktop and mounted control panels, to point of sale systems, hands-on kiosks, and portable applications, our unique single USB connection allows for a myriad of innovative applications. Mimo Monitors designs and manufactures touch devices for the desktop, automation, gaming, retail, hospitality, medical and industrial markets.

Low Cost of Entry

Mimo touch screen monitors are simple and affordable to operate. Our monitors’ unique single USB connection capability allows you to set up all of your devices without any additional, expensive hardware or IT assistance.

We also give you the best value for your money. With Mimo, you always get high quality products at affordable rates.

Upgrading your business to Mimo Monitors will allow you to

• Increase productivity

• Save money

• And help the environment.

Versatility and Maximized Efficiency

When it comes to versatility, Mimo Monitors leads the way. Our products allow you to get video and touch capabilities just by using one USB connection, maximizing convenience and efficiency.

Our monitors are easy to set up and even easier to use, without the need for messy wires, complicated hardware, or pricey IT technicians.

Mimo monitors work with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and even Linux, and are used within a wide variety of businesses, from fortune 500 companies Like Hertz and VeriFone, to smaller installations like submarines. They work seamlessly with desktops, mounted control panels, point of sales systems, or even POP digital signage, and can support a variety of different applications.

Some of the industries that make use of our products include the hospitality sector, the gaming industry, the medical sector and the automation industry.

Customer Support

At Mimo Monitors, we will provide you with all the support that you need to carry out your daily business and personal activities using our touch screen monitors. We will work with you every step of the way to provide you with a personalized solution to your questions.

Why Choose Mimo Monitors?

Not only are our products versatile, but they are also advanced and adaptable to the changing needs of the market. You can therefore be assured that your monitors will always perform superbly wherever you use them.

Custom displays are also a specialty. Don't see what you need? Just contact us and we may be able to customize to your unique requirements.

Get in Touch with Mimo Monitors.

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  • "For people who work with a number of apps and find desktop space to be at a premium...this is definitely worth a second look." -- Engadget
  • "It uses a single USB worked very well, and looks kind of cute too...the setup was straightforward...and after an hour of use, I like the unit." -- CNET
  • "When it's folded, this [Mimo 710-S] collapsible, portable monitor is trimmer than an Olsen twin." -- Wired Magazine
  • "[The Mimo 710-S] this critter might change our opinion on the usefulness to road warriors." -- Engadget
  • "Mimo's new 710-S 7-inch USB monitor ups the portability ante by coming in a clamshell form factor." -- CNET
  • "[For] Flikr, Tweetdeck, Skype, something you constantly consult but don't want living in the middle of your main desktop..." -- Patrick Norton, Revision3: Tekzilla Episode 75
    ( view the video here)
  • "These look like the perfect mini-displays to set up widgets, chat's perfect to make your awesome computer rig even more awesome." -- Gizmodo
  • "The good news is you can connect Mimo to your computer via USB, great for running a laptop setup." -- Gadget Review
  • "Heck, you can get a bunch of these and connect to the same computer without having to worry about purchasing an additional video card." -- Ubergizmo


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