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Moki® and Mimo Monitors to Create New Opportunities for Tablet-Based Kiosk Solutions in Commerce

Device control and hardware companies team up to provide low-cost, commercial-grade option for tablet-based kiosk fleet deployments

LEHI, Utah – Jan. 27 , 2016 – Moki, the leader in cloud-native management and control for tablet-based commerce solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with Mimo Monitors (Mimo Display, LLC). Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, Mimo Monitors produces affordable commercial-grade, Android™-based tablet devices and related POS peripherals, such as 2d barcode scanners, and credit card readers, etc., that come deployment ready with VESA-mountable displays.

This new partnership will combine Moki’s tablet-based kiosk control capabilities and Mimo’s robust devices to provide those in the retail and corporate spaces an affordable and fully-managed commercial-grade option for deploying large fleets of tablet-based kiosks and displays. Rather than turning a consumer grade tablet running iOS, Windows or Android into a tablet kiosk using enclosures, retailers can now purchase a low-cost device that is purpose-built to withstand the day-to-day rigors demanded from a tablet-based kiosk or display in a retail or other setting. Customers can also expect a managed hardware and software refresh cycle to allow for long term deployments.

“Consumer-grade devices are difficult to manage at scale and don’t stand up to the day-to-day beating like Mimo’s commercial grade systems do. However, consumer-grade devices offer retailers so many new opportunities and price points that they continue trying to make them work anyway,” said Tom Karren, CEO and co-founder of Moki. “The combination of Mimo’s affordable commercial-grade devices and Moki’s best-in-class tablet management solution changes all of this. This potent combination opens up the doors that many organizations have been trying to break through for years.”

Moki’s ability to provide a managed service for deploying and monitoring the health, usage and security of Android and iOS devices, all at scale, allows customers to control the full life cycle of their deployments. Mimo Monitors tablets powered by Moki offer companies commerce-enabling solutions, such as mPOS, with a scalable and durable option to open new markets at a lower operational cost than ever before.

“We make great hardware, and surprisingly this can be a problem for our customers. They quickly see the value these devices bring and want to deploy them in massive numbers – only to start asking themselves how they can manage so many devices at scale. Moki gives them a way to do that, no matter how many devices a customer has,” said David Anderson, CEO of Mimo Monitors. “We’re excited to partner with Moki to offer customers our durable hardware with Moki’s stable management solution. This way our customers get the best from two industry leaders, all designed to reduce their deployment complexity.”

For more information about Mimo’s cost-effective devices that ship with Moki provision-ready software on board, visit www.mimomonitors.com. For more information about Moki’s cloud-native management solution for tablet-based kiosks, or to setup a demo, visit www.moki.com.

About Moki

Moki provides cloud-based (SaaS) software that makes it easy to provision, manage, secure, maintain and effectively measure tablet kiosks – at any scale. Moki does this by enabling total control of devices, with remote management, security and analytics of hardware, operating systems, applications and content. Founded in 2012, Moki is trusted by hundreds of customers in over 55 countries. Innovative brands like Belly, Motorola, T-Mobile, PayPoint, RAB Lighting, Columbia Sportswear, Marriott, The Juilliard School and the New York City Department of Health choose Moki. Moki is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, with an EMEA office in London, U.K. Learn more about Moki at www.moki.com, and keep up on the latest from Moki on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Moki blog.

About Mimo Monitors

Mimo Monitors is the industry leader in small touch monitors, displays and tablets. The Mimo Monitors portfolio is built on proprietary IP developed by our engineering team and partners. Our world class team has deployed the Mimo solution in tens of thousands of locations throughout the world. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, both in the US as well as internationally. Mimo’s touch solutions are industry leading in their technology, small footprint, and price point. The company’s touch capabilities drive innovation in systems design of point of sale (POS), digital signage, and video conferencing solutions. Mimo Monitors is headquartered in Princeton, NJ. For more info, please contact us at info@mimomonitors.com, or view our website at www.mimomonitors.com.


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