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Small Businesses Embrace Touchscreen Tablets for Better Workflows

Small Businesses Embrace Touchscreen Tablets for Better Workflows

Small businesses recognize the need to be adaptable both internally and externally to better meet their goals. Touchscreen tablets are one of the many tools they use to maximize success. Touchscreens enable small business to be more mobile as they often need to be on-the-go. They are also making the life of small business retailers easier by simplifying check out and engaging customers.

According to research by Techaisle, small businesses have been quick adopters of touchscreen technology, with 58% of businesses with 100 or fewer employees using tablets at the beginning of 2015.[1] By the end of 2015, that number hit 67%, showcasing early mass adoption.


How Small Business Uses Touchscreen Tablets

Small businesses have found multiple applications for touchscreen tablets in their workflows, both internally and externally, resulting in smoother operations and enhanced communications.

Internal Applications

Project management is one of the many internal tasks made easier by touchscreen tablets. In fact, 35% of small businesses polled by Techaisle said they use tablets for project management.[2] Tablets can be a key tool to update the status of a project from anywhere, including in the field.

Internal communication also improves when employees have access to a touchscreen, particularly so for businesses that have personnel across locations or working remotely.  Techaisle research stated that traveling employees topped the list of reasons why small businesses use tablets.[3] They provide organizations the means to stay connected with their team members on the road or those employed in remote roles. In addition, large-scale businesses find touchscreens useful and efficient for team-to-team communication. For example, Google, which has more than 18,000 conference rooms, has a touchscreen in each one to simplify the process of internal communication.

External Applications

For both B2C and B2B businesses, touchscreen tablets replace traditional, bulky AV equipment while creating an experience that engages customers far beyond outdated static presentations. Simply said, tablets facilitate the connection between buyer and brand.

Shoppers can access tablets in-store in several ways. One may act as a directory, informing them of where items are. They may also interact with a touchscreen to learn more about a product or check availability of the item.

Additionally, every business wants to know what their customers think, and touchscreens offer a way for companies to garner this much needed feedback quickly and efficiently. Consumers standing in a POS line are a captive audience. By placing touchscreen tablets near the line, businesses can kill two birds with one stone. Preoccupied with providing feedback using an interactive tablet, consumers are more likely to believe their wait is shorter, increasing their satisfaction while reaping the information businesses need to enhance the customer experience.

Touchscreen tablets are also replacing larger POS hardware as a user-friendly means for employees to total up merchandise. By adding a 3-D bar scanner, retailers and restaurants can use tablets like a traditional scanner, only smaller and less expensive.

Small B2B companies are also using touchscreen tablets at events and trade shows to demo products, facilitate quicker registration, and improve overall customer interaction.


Small Businesses Excel with Small Tablets

It’s crucial to choose the right kind of tablet for your small business to ensure its meeting your needs. Depending on the use, you’ll want to evaluate commercial vs. consumer tablet. For continuous use or intense travel, we recommend a commercial touchscreen, intended to withstand harsh use with tempered scratch-resistant glass and operate 24/7. Commercial screens also offer the option of wireless Ethernet connectivity.

Small businesses recognize the value of touchscreen tablets in both improving processes while engaging customers. Our commercial grade screens are not only built to play non-stop, but can be equipped with Ethernet connections, and other features such as 3-D bar scanners. We offer a variety of products to fit any need or specifications, delivering seamless solutions at an affordable price.

Discover how touchscreen tablets can streamline small business communications and processes here.

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