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USB extension and the UM-1080CP-B

USB extension and the UM-1080CP-B

Updated 1/24/18:

The question of how to extend the USB3.0 on the UM-1080CP(-B and -G) connection has come up in the last couple days. Recently we took a support call from a customer, that after a while, we figured out had the UM-1080CP going through a USB 2.0 over CAT5/6 extender.
USB2.0 extenders, including ours, will not fully work with the UM-1080CP. The symptom is that everything looks like it is working (video and touch), but the HDMI video capture does not function. Surprising to the customer, but explainable from the design, the HDMI audio capture does work over USB2.0 extender.

If HDMI capture function is not needed a USB2.0 extender will work fine. However, since the HDMI capture function is the point of the UM-1080CP over the UM-1080C, we suspect that missing that function is not acceptable.
Today, the least expensive solution is USB 3.0 active cables. Here are a couple that we've tested (links are to Amazon, but many resellers offer them)

Newnex FireNEX - uLINK 3.0 - We only tested the 12m version
We only tested it above terminated with a USB 3.0 hub. We used this one
StarTech.com ST4300USBM

One of our customers has tried this cable successfully @ 10m.
They did NOT use a hub.
Lindy USB 3.0 active cable extender

Other lengths will probably work fine, but there is a limit on active cables. The longer they are, the more likely they will not work, but we can not offer a hard limit

For USB 3.0 extenders over CAT6/7 or Fiber, we have only tried 1 family and it is not perfect



When testing the Raven 3104 (CATx) and Raven 3124 (Fiber) extenders with the Capture, they only work in all cases at 720p. They are unable to properly capture the HDMI input at 1080p in all cases. Specifically, all cases where the USB host controller is produced by Intel. This issue does not appear to occur on AMD controllers. This issue is present on Google Chromeboxes due to the use of Intel controllers on that hardware platform.

Currently, we do not have a solution to support 1080p capture over CATx or Fiber. As stated above, 1080p capture works over active cables. 

We will continue to look for USB3.0 over CAT6/Fiber extender solutions for the UM-1080CP.

We will update this blog post as we learn more information. If anyone finds a reliable solution, we would appreciate the feedback. 


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