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Mimo in Use: VeriFone Taxi Cabs

Mimo in Use: VeriFone Taxi Cabs


VeriFone is a worldwide leader in secure payment solutions, continually pushed the boundaries of technology when it comes to securing payments made via debit and credit cards. This worldwide company has headquarters in San Jose, California and has more than 5,300 employees worldwide.


VeriFone has recently released a point-of-sale touch-screen monitor system for taxi cabs. Together with Mimo touch-screen displays they have successfully streamlined the entire cab payment process in order to save the customer and the cab driver both time and effort while adding extra advertising revenue.


From a beautiful Mimo touch screen monitor inside the cab through to a roof-mounted advertising board, VeriFone has really created the perfect system.


Imagine a customer’s journey:


  • They get in the cab. The cab driver switches on the meter and the meter starts running. As they drive, the driver has a screen near him which besides functioning as a navigation unit, it can also do a lot more.


  • In the back of the cab, the customer sees the screen. They can interact with it. Watch advertising, news, book theatre tickets, even catch highlights of last night’s big game, and choose how to pay once the cab has reached the destination.


  • As a cab owner, you can attract advertising revenues from companies who choose to use your cab as an advertising platform for their services or products.


  • Imagine an ad comes through onto the Verifone monitor for a local restaurant, along with a video of what the food looks like. The captive audience inside the cab will be entirely focused on what's happening, and unique advertising like this is likely to stick inside their heads.


Truly “next generation” stuff


When you couple modern day touch-screen technology with one of the worldwide leaders in secure payment processing technology, you have the perfect recipe for improving business. This is just one example of the custom applications that Mimo Monitors has implemented for many of the nation’s leading companies like Google, Hertz, and Hershey.


Mimo Monitors’ line of small monitors, touch screens, and displays are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. They are covered under a robust warranty and our service technicians are available at all hours to help you solve any issues that may arise. Mimo Monitors are easy to use and implement straight out of the box and pair well with third-party software to deploy across an infinite number of applications.


For all of your retail, business, and point-of-sale needs, Mimo Monitors’ leading line of state-of-the-art small screens are the right fit.



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