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With medicine moving at lightning speed, it’s crucial that doctor’s offices, hospitals, and medical professionals be able to keep up with the pressure and demands put on them. Mimo Monitors is proud to offer solutions that optimize efficiency and maximize productivity in these high intensity environments. With an industrial design that is intended for 24/7 use, Mimo displays are sure to last. Mimo displays are also flexible and provide a myriad of benefits to improve speed and the ability to gather quick information for doctors, staff, and patients.

From outside of patient rooms to tell doctors and staff which exam rooms are in use, who is in which room, or when a patient is ready, to wayfinding and ensuring everyone can get to point a to point b with ease, Mimo displays makes this a breeze.

Columbia Presbyterian

Columbia Presbyterian hospital deployed Mimo Monitors15.6” tabletoutside of patient’s rooms in their state-of-the-art hospital facility. These displays allow for medical personal to easily and quickly identify which rooms are in-use, which patients are in each room, and updates that are relevant for doctors and nurses to know around the hospital.

U Penn Medicine

U Penn Medicine leveraged theMimo Vue with BrightSign Built-Into optimize productivity with high-end digital signage and displays around the hospital. They utilized the Mimo displays outside of patient rooms to allow doctors and nurses to easily view vital and consistently evolving information such as the names of doctors or nurses on duty, update as patients move in or out of rooms, and important times to remember. Mimo also worked directly with the hospital to customize mounting and ensure that it would work as needed with their modular walls.

Sun River Healthcare

Sun River Healthcare utilized the Mimo Monitors10” Adapt-IQVtablets outside of patient’s rooms for scheduling, relaying important information to staff, and ensuring that all necessary information is disseminated in a timely and orderly fashion. The Adapt-IQV tablets help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone in the facility has the necessary information to provide top-notch patient care.