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Q&A with Mimo Monitor's new CMO, Mike Campagna

  • What is your industry background and experience?

I have been in the commercial A/V space for 20 years, 13 years as President/COO of Peerless-AV, a company specializing in USA audio and video mounting solutions for both commercial and home use. While at Peerless I oversaw the design, development and launch of hundreds of pioneering television and other A/V equipment mounting systems that I believe have set the industry standard. 

  • How does your expertise align well with Mimo Monitors and some of the company’s goals?

I have 15 years of successful experience bringing existing products to new markets, new products to existing markets and new products to new markets.  These are exactly the things that Mimo wants to and needs to do to sustain long term growth.  As Mimo is looking to continue its rapid growth while making smart and strategic decisions about future products and developments, I believe that I can utilize my expertise to guide Mimo as they embark on new strategic directions while expanding their current client base. 

  • What initially interested you in/drew you to Mimo Monitors?

The first thing that drew me to Mimo Monitors was meeting David.  I felt that at our first meeting, which had nothing to do with employment, David was a very intelligent guy who knows his products and his niche very well.  The second thing that drew me was the products.  I truly believe in the products Mimo manufactures, due in part from my 20 years in the industry.  I have a strong belief in the future of the products they offer, and I am excited to bring more innovative products to the current markets Mimo serves and other markets where the Mimo products are applicable. 

  • What excites you most about working at Mimo Monitors?

The opportunity for what the future might bring is what excites me the most.  Having a great product to get behind and support is awesome, however knowing there is so much more opportunity for Mimo’s future is most exciting. I’m really looking forward to taking a strong inventory on opportunities for Mimo and seeing how we can grow to meet and exceed the company’s goals. 

  • What’s your day-to-day role at Mimo?

Since I have only been on for a few weeks, my current day to day is mostly spent listening, learning and performing research. Soon, I will be able to start identifying and implementing strategies that will help support and foster our growth. 

  • Do you have a favorite Mimo Monitors product?

I think the new Adapt-IQV conference room scheduling tablet with LED’s is very innovative and will have a strong future ahead of for it. 

  • What are three things we may not know about you but should?

I am a grandfather of 2, I have an 18-month old granddaughter Penelope and two-month old grandson Vinny.

I love the water and am an avid boater.

I love the snow and am an avid snowmobiler.


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