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Video Conferencing Solutions

Today’s modern workplace relies heavily on video conferencing to cultivate engagement and connection among the team working in the office and afar. With more people working remotely, a shift to the gig economy, and an increasing number of small start-ups, the video conferencing landscape has evolved but become increasingly crucial to a successful work environment.

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Digital Signage Solutions

digital signage

Well designed and strategically executed digital signage is a critical part of almost all new building projects and continues to grow increasingly useful and necessary in a variety of corporate and consumer settings.

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OEM Equipment and Embedded Control Solutions

OEM solutions

While our monitors can be utilized in a myriad of industries for a variety of purposes and goals, if there’s one generic use to explain what we do easily, it’s that we serve as the human interface for a more complicated machine. That machine could be many things ranging from a small medical kiosk to a full motion simulator.

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Transportation Solutions

transportation solutions

In today’s modern transportation like cars, planes, buses, taxis, and airplanes, we require more complex and innovative solutions than ever before. There’s often a need for specialized displays to augment the dashboard for directions, route or pick-up addresses for the driver, or for entertainment or advertising for the customer.

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Interactive Displays

interactive solutions

Interactive displays come in all sizes and can help enhance customer engagement, streamline processes, and have a multitude of uses that can add value to almost any experience. We specialize in small interactive touchscreen displays designed for seamless and intuitive direct customer interaction.

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Kiosk Solutions

Kiosk solutions

Kiosks have unique requirements that are crucial to be understood in its application and design. Whether it’s created to advertise, inform, or entertain, a kiosk needs a ruggedized commercial-grade display designed for 24/7 applications.

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Retail & POS Displays

interactive solutions

To stay relevant in today’s competitive brick and mortar environment and compete against digital sales, it’s crucial to create a positive in-store experience that incentivizes customers to keep coming back.

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Custom Solutions

custom solutions

We recognize that no two customers are the same. However, in our vast experience across industries we’ve had a few customers who’ve taken a customized and personalized approach to new heights.

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education solutions

In today’s college environments students rely on collaboration, efficiency, and productivity to make it through their degree and any tough exams or projects they face along the way.

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medical solutions

With medicine moving at lightning speed, it’s crucial that doctor’s offices, hospitals, and medical professionals be able to keep up with the pressure and demands put on them.

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