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Interactive Digital Signage is the Customer Experience Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Interactive Digital Signage is the Customer Experience Solution You’ve Been Waiting For


For some people, buying a bottle of wine is a little intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Recently, some savvy wine stores have begun installing tablets that await the customer upon arrival. On the tablet, the customer can answer a few personalized questions about preferred price range and flavor profiles. The tablet will then use the answers provided to present the customer with a list of ideal wines that are available in the store.

This type of personalized and interactive digital signage is becoming increasingly common across a diverse range of industries. We’ve moved into an age in which an interactive device will not only be able to interact with you to help you to buy the ideal product, it will also actually be able to order it for you right there on the spot. Digital signage is fostering a massive adaptation in terms of our interactions with the world around us.


The future is here

Completely digital operations used to be something you would only expect to see in a Sci-Fi film. This is no longer the case. At some restaurants for example, hungry customers can order pizzas on tablets with user-oriented interfaces that allow customers to order their food without ever having to interact with another person. This results in savings from cost of labor as well as a reduction of human error. Digital capabilities are augmenting employee capabilities and the customer experience.


The new competitive advantage

Integrating digital solutions with easy-to-use touchscreens gives companies a significant competitive advantage for several key reasons. First, these screens simply provide an improved, individualized customer experience. If a customer is presented with a sleek, intuitive, and engaging digital interaction, they are far more likely to become a repeat customer. Take the example of the wine store earlier. Using a discreet and simple system to find a perfect match for that night’s dinner party is much more pleasant than wandering a store, around unsure what to purchase.

This digital upgrade also gives business owners the ability to change their sign content in a matter of seconds. Whether it is updating highway signage with the latest up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, or switching a sign to reflect a restaurant’s happy hour pricing, the ability to easily change digital content provides unmatched flexibility and allows users to adapt to any situation with a few clicks.


Powerful consumer insights

The innovations in digital signage are also allowing for data collection like never before, empowering business owners and allowing for customers to feel better understood and served. While opinions vary as to whether or not this type of data collection is a good trend, there are benefits for business owners even on a small scale. For example, allowing customers to interact with a digital display means that all their decisions and preferences can be recorded and tracked, so that the business can be better tailored to serve the very clientele that frequents it.

Digital partners can help business owners maximize the effectiveness of their display campaigns. In a retail setting, for example, merchants can tailor a form factor solution using small digital touchscreens to provide customers with a “loyalty” program that both benefits them and gives the business valuable data on customer preferences.

For example, if you’ve rented a car from Hertz lately, then you’ve seen our Mimo Magic Touch monitor at work on the countertop, displaying options for available car models and upgrades, and other customer options. Or perhaps you’re more into chocolate than rental cars. Thousands of visitors to Hershey's Chocolate Tasting Experience use interactive touchscreens from Mimo Monitors to customize their chocolate and engage all the senses. The future is here, and it tastes sweet.


Significant and immediate ROI

Whether you run a local coffee shop or a giant nonprofit, there is certainly a use for digital signage. Integrating these unique solutions into your business plan can bring in a significant return on your investment. While many companies have been adapting their gear to meet the demands of this emerging market, some have already been in the game a long time. At Mimo Monitors, we are evolving to keep up with these trends and changing technologies.

Mimo Monitors works directly with companies to ensure that the touch screen monitors they choose are intuitive to use and set up for the needs of both the client and the customer. Check out our site to learn more about digital signage: visit our solutions page.


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