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Take Aways from ISE 2023


This month our team attended Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, one of the largest and most influential trade shows in our industry. We always look forward to attending these trade shows as it not only gives us an opportunity to connect with customers and industry friends, it also provides us with valuable product feedback and a window into this year’s industry expectations and trends. Here are some key takeaways from this year’s ISE from our team:

  • Hybrid work is here for the long haul and companies are doubling down on efforts to accommodate: Hybrid work is continuing to not only remain relevant, but is remaining of key importance for many companies. As a response to the overwhelming need for conference rooms, huddle rooms, and offices as a whole to adapt to hybrid work, many companies have responded by creating products just for this purpose to ensure equity in everyone’s experience. At ISE we saw it as more companies debuted products like intelligent cameras, support for multiple cameras for wider view or whiteboards, and software such as Unify Meeting, or Together mode on Teams or Companion mode on Google Meet.
  • The demand for diversity in conference room equipment and products to accommodate smaller rooms is increasing in demand: As folks are needing to have more conference rooms or huddle rooms in their office to accommodate the evolving workplace, our team is seeing heightened demand for conference room-in-a-box kits, room booking solutions, as well as products designed to specifically enhance the smaller conference room experience without the headache of intense setup or the high start-up cost.
  • Interest in outdoor and stretch displays were higher than ever: Our conference room products often are showstoppers, but this year we noticed many were specifically interested in discussing our stretch displays as well as our outdoor solutions. We believe that the value folks are seeing for digital and interactive signage being utilized in new and innovative ways is increasing. 
  • Post-Covid Resilience: We’ve noticed that the commercial AV industry seems to be back fully in action as we’re noticing resellers, distributors, and end user activity level increasing dramatically. Many projects that were sidelined or delayed due to Covid or manufacturing delays seem to now be moving forward for most folks. We’ve certainly seen this to be true as many of the places that were shut down or not frequented during Covid are now fully operational at pre-Covid levels. 
  • It doesn’t hurt to wear great shoes: We originally got the idea for Mimo magenta shoes from our friends at BrightSign, but we loved it so much we simply had to run with it. Any small touch that you can add to your booth, your team (like our shoes), or anything interactive (like the Zoom room demo) is a big value add for any trade show.

We also wanted to share some ISE coverage Mimo received: 


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