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Mimo Vue HD Displays

At Mimo Monitors, we know how important it is not only to have a reliable system that you can trust with your tasks, but also a display that is easy on the eyes and no slacker in the performance department. When it comes to premium quality, vivid displays that are built to last, our Mimo Vue HD display monitors are truly a cut above the competition. Designed with durability, performance, and user- friendliness in mind, these HD display monitors are capable of handling anything you can throw at them and more.

Built in a variety of configurations, Mimo Vue series HD display monitors offer a brilliant display solution for every application in need of that perfect screen, resolution, and viewing angle. There are displays available in capacitive multi-touch, non-touch, HDMI/USB-compliant, and capture-supportive variations to suit your needs, budget, and performance expectations.

Are you in the market for a powerful HDMI display, but don’t need to pay for features you don’t need such as touch functionality? Our Mimo Vue 1080H Display is the perfect solution. Available at just $269.99, this 10.1-inch display boasts a resolution of 1280x800 with full VESA-75mm mount support right out of the box. The device is hard coated (3H) and includes anti-glare treatment for an optimal viewing and user experience.

Mimo Monitors’ Vue line of displays is also fully compatible with our USB Extender device to minimize cable clutter by utilizing power-over- twisted pair connectivity to combine power, video, and audio into a single-cable solution. Additionally, these displays are fully compatible with all popular operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS (a specialized driver may be required to enable touch functionality on Mac systems – please check product descriptions first).

Whether you’re looking for a new gaming and streaming IPS display, a reliable method of input and interaction with touch functionality, or a cost-effective monitor that doesn’t skimp on performance along the way, Mimo Monitors’ line of Mimo Vue HD displays has something for everyone and every application type.

Browse our selection of Mimo Vue HD displays today and discover the convenience, cost-effectiveness, maximum performance potential, and an optimal user experience.